Sunday, January 20, 2008

He speaks through the thorn..

It has been a pretty lazy and tiring week.. lazy because I have not been productive in my work - doing just the bare minimum and slowly meeting the deadlines.. and tiring because I have not been sleeping enough, thus physically and emotionally quite lethargic.

Having said that, I thank God He is lifting me up spiritually.. I think it's at time when we're not in a rush or haste that we can hear His voice clearer. I am thankful for the awakening once again like how I experienced it last March and also August. Like the apostle Paul, I know the Lord is not removing my`thorn' so that I would remember Him and come back to Him when I stray away...

So, yes, I have lack of sleep. But I'm fine. I'm not ill for those of you who know me personally and may be concerned.. I am in fact joyful and at peace. I think 2008 had been a great start.. not because I have managed to accomplished one or two resolutions - well part if them.. eg FB and dieting.. but more importantly, I have rededicated my life once again back to God for Him to lead and guide, and not trying to run my own life.

I have recommitted myself to serve in a couple of ministries seriously, on top of that, to buck up my personal devotion with the Lord.. and most importantly, to have Him living on the throne of my heart..

Like what a preacher said last week: the more we obey and serve, the more blessed we are. Not in the sense of material and personal blessing but the fact that God can use a as great blessings to others. And that in turn, is a greatest blessing because our lives honour God.

And that's my top `resolution' this year and beyond..

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