Thursday, January 31, 2008

Too much blood and deaths..

For once, the censor rating was right. Hours after watching this movie, I still could not erase those gruesome and bloody scenes from my mind!!

I must say that despite the amount of blood and gore Sweeney Todd contains, it's definitely a movie I don't regret watching. It's pretty ingenious and brilliant! Because there were songs (yep, it's a musical - a dark Gothic one) and the exaggerated engineered designs and colours of the set, it has made the slitting of throats and the free flowing of blood artistic and stylistic.. But even so, I could hear the audience, especially the girls squirming in their seats..I was one of them.

But you can't deny that Johnny Depp was simply brilliant. He is one actor that I truly admire. His singing wasn't too bad either. The other cast was also well chosen.

btw, if you haven't realised, I'm not posting a review of the movie. So there won't be spoilers. But rather, I just had to let it out of my chest of how this movie had `disturbed' me. Perhaps `disturb' is not an appropriate word.. more like how it startled and left an indelible impression in my mind, and heart..

To think of it, today, death seemed to have besieged me..

I woke up from a bad dream..I dreamt that my grandma, now bedridden and getting thinner and weaker, had died. It was such a vivid dream that I still remember it clearly now.. Then as I woke up, I actually received a news of death! My aunt, who had been battling cancer for more than a year, had passed away early morning. It was expected as her condition was deteriorating.. but I was hoping to visit her. It was all too late and I just returned from the wake when I paid her a final respect..

And yesterday, I had already planned to watch Sweeney Todd today since it's a discount day for movies and I've more or less finished my work. Some friends were watching it at night but I have choir practice so I decided to go to the cinema near my place and watched it by myself.. something I don't really mind doing, weirdly. (After all, you don't talk in the cinema do you?)

I had prepared myself for blood (read this off a friend's blog). But somehow it was still too bloody and morbid and for a while, the uncomfortable feeling began to numb me, especially the second half when Todd and Mrs Lovett were doing the unthinkable!!

But thank God it was just a story, a musical and given a fable-like treatment by the quirky Tim Burton. Yet it was definitely gripping. The music was good - not your happy-happy musical mill. The acting was spendid. And I love Johnny Depp even if in this film, he was a real demon/psychotic/monster.

Ok, now that I've gotten something out of my chest, perhaps I could go to bed and try not to think of the movie anymore, that's if I succeed...

p.s. to match the theme of the post.. I've put the fonts in red.
(apparently it was hard to read so I changed font colour..)


lainey said...

hehee ... yah - it was pretty bloody!

i've always liked the songs (my favorite is 'nothing's gonna harm you') - and i'm a super big fan of sondheim. the original musical was very dark as well - in fact, johanna kills the asylum keeper so it appears that violence runs in the family!

Anonymous said...

well, when i saw nurin picture on the paper i was disturbed for more than a week.

Anonymous said...

The red colour font for this blog makes it really difficult to read. Can change it to another colour?

jesscet said... was a bit difficult to read i realised. so since you asked, i have changed it.