Monday, January 07, 2008

One week into the new year and ...

It's one week into the new year.

Exactly a week ago this time I was jumping up and down at Wynners concert (refer to next post) but now I am already feeling the `heat' of a new year.

To be honest, I have not begun my hopefully resolute year that well. Well, I did one thing quite drastic though.. is that I'm almost completely off Facebook for the last week! Especially the last 2-3 days! And it was easier than i thought! Maybe i was already getting bored of it.. after all my addiction usually won't last that long.

But I'm still spending a lot of time on the Net - partly is for work and work-related things, and catching up with friends.. Time consuming but still less frivolous and time wasting than mindlessly `playing' Facebook.

Actually I'm only posting because I feel something's `missing' if I don't blog for almost a week! But deep inside I would like to spend less time blogging and use the time to do other things like say reading! After all, it's not the quantity but the quality that counts.. So after today's post, I decide that I would only post when I'm really inspired to, and not when I feel I should - just for the sake that I have something to show my readers (all 30 or so of them?!) I hope my readers will understand and support this decision...

Meanwhile, the week has been pretty interesting and eventful. Just two short updates..

Update 1:
Yesterday, I met up with my friend May from HK who is going to be based here for two years. It was great catching up as we have lost touch for many years after secondary school and somehow got connected again through a common friend a few years back.. After church, I decided to bring her to Pavillion, because I still hadn't seen its magnificent Christmas tree that I saw in pix and people told me! Half expecting that it would be down by now - yesterday was Jan 6th already..

Gosh, my fear was confirmed! Lo and behold! the grand mall has been immersed into a Chinese New Year mood!! Instead of Christmas tree, in place was some read, angpow-like decoration. Not very impressive if you ask me. Or maybe they're still in the process of decorating..

Sigh.. I know I was just too late! Now I have to wait another 11 months or so to see that big Christmas tree again.. or maybe they won't `recycle' it.. so no more chance :((

Ok, forget that freaking tree.. we did have a great time chitchatting, shopping (i only bought magazines) and eating. Then I came across the following. No prize for guessing what they were queuing up for. It's so many people! even more people than when I was there in late October. but I guess it was Sunday also.

Do you think their donuts are really so yummy worth queuing up like this for?

Update 2:
Last Wed, I watched Aladdin the Pantomime which had just concluded its three-week run at KLPac. it was pretty interesting - a bit childish but great fun and funny too. Although it was a small audience that night, the cast put up brilliant effort. I had a good time and I think my niece Laura and nephew Alistair enjoyed it too though their mom looked slightly bored :p

Well, I went mainly because I knew a few of the actors in it..I tried taking photos during the show but was stopped! It was very colourful - both props and costumes! After it finished, I stayed back to meet my friends. You should know at least some of them: Doreen Tang was so brilliantly annoying as the spoilt rich princess Paris, Joanna Bessey bravely cross-dressed to play Aladdin, and Douglas Lim as the hilarious Wishie Washie..

The only one missing on the photo was Nell Ng who was Wishie's side kick Wan Ton, because she already removed all her make up so refused to be photographed :p


dimsuminthecity said...

I guess it's because they only have a month to put up all the red decor and play the blaring music before CNY gets here early this year!

6th Jan is the 12th day of Christmas/Twelfth Night.. so decor should stay up til then.. hehe, my excuse because I was supposed to take down our christmas decor on Sunday night but ended up going shopping and it's still up! hv u taken down ur tree?

jesscet said...

Yar hor..12th day and already taken down! but i'm sure the Christmas decor was already down as early as Jan 2 to make way for CNY!

Hehe, my Christmas tree is still there. I even suggested to my dad lets keep the tree but change the ornaments to angpows and red stuff.. but i don't think he likes the idea! :p

Bernardo said...

Nice photos *.*