Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Battle with Fat (part 2 - Now: the new and healthier way!)

Today will be the 7th day of my new slimming program. No no, God forbids I joined another slimming centre.. but I did `enrol' into a weight loss program of sort, with professional guidance. BUT, it is not a slimming center.. It is way cheaper and to me, healthier and make more sense.

Basically I'm on a meal replacement program - using the formula supplied by Herbalife. I just found out after I decided to try it that it is actually quite established and many people have heard of this, which is also a direct marketing business. But to me most importantly because the person who is selling me the products is someone I know and I am quite amazed how he managed to lose so much weight. On top of that, when he let me tried the product, it actually tasted pretty good! Not like some formula I have tried years ago which was quite yucky. It also has various flavour so not so monotonous.

Like I said in part 1, I knew on Jan 1 that I would need some kinda help to lose weight. Telling myself I'm on a diet (AGAIN!!) won't work. For I really lack the will power especially when it comes to food. So I know that if I `sign up' with my friend and get the product, which although still expensive, but much more affordable compared to other weight loss centre (ie. machine treatment type), my mindset would be different.

True enough, it has been working! I went for consultation last Thursday and began the program on Friday - actually had a test trial for Thurs itself and didn't feel hungry until much later in the evening. I was a bit amazed that the shake (which is less thick than a real milk shake) is very filling and can indeed be a supplement as a proper meal!

To start with, I was instructed to take the shake (which consists of all kinds of nutrition and vitamins) and whey protein (the accompaniment of the shake that gives you the extra protein) for breakfast and dinner. For lunch, I could still eat normal food - but non-fattening stuff and less in quantity. Throughout the day, I would also be taking a lemon tea - which function is to speed up the metabolism rate and helps to burn the fat in the body.

Only one normal meal a day.. but I am allowed to snack a little - healthy snack of course, in between meals. The key word is sensibility and moderation. But I find myself only needingi to snack a bit if I sleep late at night. For the shake does make you feel quite full. So yes, you can say for a week, I have succeeded in following through my new diet and slimming program

And it was also easier than I imagined.. I think it's very important if you start off with a positive mindset. Yes I do sometimes think of some yummy food and get a bit tempted seeing what my parents eat.. but I just tell myself it's ok, I've had been eating so much last year and I also try to not subject myself to temptation if possible!

That's not it. It is not just a diet thing. It is actually lifestyle changing - and for better too. You see, because I have to take all three meals, i am forced to get up by nine something in the morning to have (shake) breakfast! And that means I am `forced to' sleep around 1am the latest! Herbalife actually contributes to killing the owl!!

Unlike slimming centres, my friend did stress the importance of exercise. For this program it's advisable to sweat it out at least three times a week. The best would be around 20 mins of exercise daily! Of course daily is a bit unrealistic for me but I will be going to gym this afternoon which means in this week, I would have achieved exercising three times!

You see why I'm so excited and willing to `line my dirty laundry in public' so to speak and talk about my battle with fat and all the ups and downs of my weight loss ordeals? Because I am so thrilled to discover one that not only would help me lose weight - (but don't know how fast or effective yet on me) - but also help to CHANGE my rather unhealthy lifestyle or never eating breakfast and irregular exercise routine. AND of course CHANGE my over-indulging and unhealthy eating patterns too!!

So that's it. My new year resolutions had been pretty good in terms of personal lifestyle and discipline is concerned.. I also hope I can do so for my work, and more importantly for my spiritual life.


Kendra L said...

Hi Jess, good luck on your slimming plan - I too struggle with weight loss, my weight keeps yo yoing ever year so now I have also joined the gym. I think keeping slim is a lifetime commitment unfortunately unless you have those very high gazillion metabolic rate which I don't ;-). I do read your blog and appreciate your honest writing. Keep writing. Cheers and Happy New Year 2008!

jesscet said...

Kendra, thanks for your comment.. now i know i have one more reader! :) yeah, i can definitely relate to you when it comes to the struggle of losing weight. A Happy and Blessed New Year to you too!