Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am going to ditch TM!

The last post could have been up two days earlier if not of the erratic Internet connection I experienced at home. It's been really frustrating as I had some important emails to send and also compiling an advertorial based on a website! Mere 2 hours job stretched to maybe double the time or more..

The reason it's up now and I'm also posting this is because I'm at Starbucks which used its own network and not the infamous Streamyx by TM!

For my non-Malaysian readers, TM is Malaysia's national (foremost?) telecommunication service provider.. but so much for that!

As I rely heavily on Internet to do my work, I need a reliable network provider and I heard Maxis broadband wireless is better.. so that's it, I'm going to change after 13 years of using TM service (from TMNet to Streamyx)

In the mean time, stay tuned for Part 2 of `Battle with Fat'!

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Weng-Soon said...

I wld only use TM products if there's no alternative. Bought an izzi wireless broadband and a wireless router 2 weeks ago and it worked fine; faster than the 1mb streamyx @ office. Took them to use at a Convention last weekend. Only regret is that I did not invest in a better wireless 802.11n router to boost distance.