Monday, January 14, 2008

My Battle with Fat (part 1 - the history)

To be honest, Jan 1 did not start off well as far as resolutions is concerned. However, 10 days later on Jan 11, I began my NEW lifstyle.

And I'm glad that because of one resolution, it leads to 2 more resolutions going to be realised, ok, maybe not so soon but at least in progress!

What is it you may ask? Well, the `inspiration' came when I was working out in gym on new year's day and when I caught my reflection in the mirror when doing some leg press, I was horrified to see how FAT my tummy was! Sure i do look know I'm getting more overweight but the unsightly bulge resembling a five-month pregnant woman just hit me there and then!

So I told myself I just had to do something about it.. going on a diet and exercising on my own would not do because I know how difficult and also slow in effects that would be. My mind turned and I thought of getting professional help (again) but no, I have told myself I would not waste my money on joining slimming centres.

I decided on another method and I've embarked on it. But before I devulge the details, I need to put all this in context thus for the first time on a public blog, I'm exposing to you the history of `my battle with fat' since the early 1990s..

I am not big-built, and rather shortl.. yet I was never slender since my teens. But when I started working after graduation was the time my weight started to increase.. I love eating you see and I think those who know me know my poor self-control especially when it comes to food! But yet, I still care about my appearance... and I know I should loose some weight although I would like to term myself plump rather than fat.. but I was in self denial but the stats spoke for themselves although bulges could be hidden partly with clothings..

I'm not ashame to confess I have signed up (that means forked out A LOT of money) with no less than FOUR professional slimming centres in my life because I did need them - as I said, starting way back to 1992 when I ballooned after joing my first job. It was just a diet centre more than anything else, and although I succeeded to a certain extent, it was really miserable not be able to eat anything but tiny portions of steam/grilled meat, vege and certain fruits.. for weeks after weeks..

The seconed one I joined was a well known international chain that used the famous cold wrap methods. Well, the impetus to get professional help again was that I looked forward to slim down to be a bridesmaid for my good friend. That was at the turn of the millineum and I spent about eight months and a huge sum of money all in and manage to lose 10kg and more than 3 inch off my waist! Pretty good results and everyone noticed and commented how I lost weight but it wasn't without heavy price (literally speaking).

I felt good but that new image was short-lived too. After I stopped going there the following year, I gradually put back on, because I was eating back to normal portion and had no more treatments. So just slightly more than one year later I was almost back to my previous appearance..

Then a couple of years later, I decided to do it gradually and pay lesser.. This time using the Ultrasound method offered by another slimming center chain. Alas, it was slower and very gradual weight loss.. but the money aint cheap either. I decided to give up after just a few kg lighter and not a lot slimmer.

So I thought that would be the last time i ever `throw' my money and not mentioning time to lose weight... then I did it again! It started when I attended an assignment I think about 4 years or so back and it was on our advertiser - a newer slimming centre in town. By then slimming centres had mushroomed across the city giving you plenty of choice. Well, since I covered their event which also saw them recruit new clients there and then, I itchily asked about the program and then got persuaded to sign up as they promised to give me a good discount.

However, the result wasn't very good either after a few sessions.. And then I found out a journalist was offered a free trial package on their slimming course!! I thought I needed another series anyway and I was lucky that an editor I was writing for agreed for me to write about my slimming experience.

But things changed when I started that FOC course. The friendly and courteous treatment I enjoyed was changed to a more casual and even demanding! I mean they want me have result so i can write good things about them. So if missed one session (due to work normally) or come less frequent than I was told, I actually was admolished by this particular consultant! I felt as if I owed it to them.. I'm no longer their client but they are my`boss'!

People who know me know I won't succumb or bow down to such treatment - my nature and my `privilege' as the Media. I was a bit cheesed off and also I began to regret.. these treatments are taking too much of my time (no I couldn't claim OT cos i was moonlighting for this one actually) so one fine day I just decided I would stop it.. I just never went back again.

After this experience, I told myself `forget about slimming centres'! - if I need and want to loose weight, I will do it myself - with will power, disciplined and determination.

But all those qualities I still lacked and alas, although losing weight has always been one of my New Year resolutions in the past donkey years, I had never succeeded. I have gradually put on even and then in the whole of 2007, I didn't even ATTEMPT to go on a diet at all..

Thus I reached my all time high weight, and fat level (despite the gym which wasn't that regular as well) And when this new year dawned... suddenly I was slapped awaken!

to be continued...


Chipmunkrock said...

i also need to lose weight!! now dont roll your eyes..i have been told that i need to lose weight :( you know how it affects me..

only thing is i have to do it the hard way...punish myself in the gym..

jesscet said...

well i won't say u're fat (like me) but yeah can do with losing a little ;)

but you know even if you exercise real hard but never decrease your calories and fat intake, losing weight is almost impossible. It has to go both ways.. having said that, with the amount you exercise, and if you just watch your diet, you WILL lose weight!