Monday, January 21, 2008

Two Js and a New Stairway - a pictorial story!

Oh dear, oh dear! I just scrolled through my previous posts and realised I've not updated on my two Js for more than THREE months! How could I!? :(

This following pix were taken around a month ago.. I had wanted to post it but was so busy with my social life then that I had postponed it.. and almost forgotten about it...until now!

So... *drum rolls*... Jess' Two Js presents a pictorial story named: `The Two Js and a New Stairway', featuring (who else but) Jojo the Coward and Jelly the Dare Devil! Enjoy :p

Once upon a time, there lives two dogs - a larger one called Jojo and a smaller but fatter one named Jelly. They love to run around the garden when the weather is good. But just a week before Christmas last year, they noticed some strangers `invading' their garden, and they made lots of noise. There was also weird smell. But finally one day when all was quiet, they went to investigate the place where the noises came from.. lo and behold! There is a NEW stairway that leads all the way down to.. and they wonder where

The steps look steeper than all the steps in and outside the house they live. Both of them were apprehensive..

Then one fine day, their mommy tries to lead both of them down..

Jojo takes a look down and immediately retreats away.. looks like he has a fear of heights..

Jelly hoirway and it leads her to the `park' which they love to go from another stairway which is normally locked!wever, takes a step down, and then two, and then three.. hey, she discovers it is just another sta

She pauses at the half way landing, stops and looks up and is obviously pleased with herself.

She even dares to walk up the stairs herself.. she walks up and then down, no problem! But poor Jojo just stares enviously from up there faraway..

Meanwhile, Kak Sinur tries to use a leash and guide Jojo. But no, he is not cooperative at all.. He is so scared.. he refuses to move

But Jojo has a good sense of direction! He decides to go through the inside of the house and comes out through the bamboo garden that leads to the half way landing!

`Heyyy!! i am here!" he is ecstatic. "But errrr.. i can't go down, nor go up now.. how?" Jojo is stuck!

In no time, he is joined by Jelly who runs to where he is.

"Lets go down together ok?" suggests Jelly to Jojo.. but the latter is very very hesitant.

Jelly tries to pass some tips and secrets to Jojo who instead is getting more and more afraid!

"I can't believe you're such a coward!" is probably what Jelly is thinking and she decides not to wait for him anymore.

"How did you do that?" mumbles Jojo when Jelly walks down one step.
"Come on, just follow me and do it, it's easy peesy!" says a proud Jelly.

"Bye! I am going down.!" Jelly loses her patience and begins walking all the way down where her mommy is waiting, at the park.

When she reaches, she enjoys the cool earth and smells the grass (actually she is smelling her pee!) But she remembers something so she turns around and look up..

Brother Jojo is still standing there, and he just looks enviously at Jelly for another long long time until he turns around and goes back into the house via the way he comes..

Epilogue: Their mommy and other humans give up. Till today, Jojo still would not go down the stairway. Sinur manages to coax him going UP once but that's it.. And because Jojo weon't go near the stairway, Jelly also never uses it herself unless there are humans to play with her there...


lainey said...

i enjoyed reading this story of the 2 J's escapade! :))

beetrice said...

your two 'pups' are just too cute. :D

I have the same problem with one of my mutts - she's scared of heights but wants to sleep in the room, so she has to 'build momentum' first and then scramble helter-skelter up the stairs (making a tremendous amount of noise!)