Friday, May 25, 2007

There goes another season...

So that's the end of American Idol Season 6 - the only TV show that I've been following these days.

Don't know why but am feeling kinda `lost' now (heh, maybe that's an exaggeration) but I think I'll miss it.. since faithfully watching for about 3 months. it has been pretty entertaining I must admit. Will miss all the singing and performing, the drama and the guessing game, and Simon Cowell's comments..

I actually set my alarm clock at 8am with intention to watch the Finale result show live.. but due to real lack of sleep, decided to go back to sleep after 15 mins. And managed to catch the whole thing from 8-10pm just now.

This time, no one leaked the result to me (and I purposely didn't want to find out). But from the previous day's performance and the tips from the judges, I was quite sure (and hoping too) that it would be Jordin!. And I was holding my breath when Ryan Seacrest announced at the last minutes. And then sighed a relief.. YES! Jordin Sparks had won - with due merits!

Somehow I was quite moved when she sang the last song fighting back tears.. I mean, this is like an impossible dream that has come true overnight for an ordinary girl - who of course possesses much talents. Winning American Idol is just something so huge that her life will totally turn around..

And for us viewers, I guess we will have to wait till early next year again for another new season. Maybe in the meantime, I can check out some local reality/talent shows. Heard `So You Think You Can Dance' is not bad... and then there is Astro's Talent Quest..

But still, nothing beats the buzz and excitement of American Idol. :p


HL said...

I didn't watch a single episode of AI this season. Did I miss much? ;)

jesscet said...

well, for me i thought it was really quite entertaining! but i never followed the previous seasons so can't compare..

there's always AI7 ;)