Monday, May 14, 2007

Pre-wedding `Beach Party'!

The Sunday before the wedding, we threw a bridal shower for the bride-to-be, themed `Anne's Hawaiian beach party'. How appropriate, the weather had been sweltering hot so it was great that we could just don something cooling..

The living room was decorated with beach-related items - palm leaves, surf board and floats, mats, pareo and hats! Food wise, each of us contributed something from a `beach' menu that was planned. We had quite a wholesome meal - from starters like dip and crackers to pizza and KFC (Anne likes KFC!) to ice-cream and fruits, as well as alchoholic cocktails!

The organisers had come out with some pretty interesting `games' - creative and rather girlie stuff - but hey, it's a bridal shower after all! ;) We learned to make lei (flower rings) from purple and cream orchids - we all ended up with flower bracelets while Ann has a beautiful long lei as necklace! Then we had a mini `dress-up-a-bride' contest where we were divided into three groups, given some materials such as white plastic bags and toilet papers to use! I had no idea why I was made to be the `bride'! But well, at least I don't have to think of do anything.. just let my friends `dressed' me up! We really had quite a good laugh from the ingenious creations (pix below)

We ended the evening with Anne opening presents from us.. among them were some domesticated gifts such as an apron, mitts and even a cook book and it was fun seeing the bride-to-be's reaction! There were more, she received some heart-shaped notes that contained marriage `advice' from each of us. But i wouldn't say she should take all the advice seriously! ;)


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