Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Jojo's Phobia

For some unknown reason, Jojo is terrified of umbrellas!!

And I mean really terrified. If there is an umbrella in sight, he would run from it as far as 10 metres away!

No, it's not that I've ever hit or scared him with an umbrella..

According to my maid, Jojo probably developed this huge fear when we left umbrellas open to dry in the porch. And there were occasions when the wind blew the umbrella to move and this really scared the heck out of my dog!

Yeah, Jojo is not the bravest of dogs, and definitely the opposite of the gutsy, fearless Jelly.

It's so funny yet pathethic to see how scared he is of an umbrella. Usually he would jump up to sit next to us on the wooden bench at the porch but of late he won't even come near because of an umbrella placed near to it..

Normally, he loves to come into the wet kitchen and rest. Then last night, I purposely placed an umbrella by the door pane and the maid told me that she hasn't seen Jojo at all the whole morning!

I want to help him get over the fear but everytime I hold an umbrella he would run as fast as he could away from me..and if I managed to come close enough.. he would just freeze with terrifying looks in his eyes, his tail in.

Poor thing. Sigh.. now I know dogs have real phobia too.


Chin said...

I find this really funny :D So, it will be so easy to prevent him from coming into the house. Just hang an umbrella by the main entrance.

jesscet said...

yeah u're right! that's what i am doing now.. :p

What A Lulu said...

don't help him overcome the fear.
at least now, you have a discipline tool on him.
wanna go for BUM dinner?
sat 19th may

jesscet said...

lulu: this sounds interesting - somemore my former boss speaking! but i'm not part of BUM (don't even carry the logo! :p) will i feel out of place ah? u going? now i am quite tempted..

What A Lulu said...

i'm neither BUM nor allblogs. but still going. go-la