Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Constant Companions..

Dogs are such passionate creatures...

Just like the other members of the family, I see my two dogs and spend time with them everyday. But every time when i say good night to them, there's always a sad, longing and reluctant-to-go look in their eyes..

I went outside to spend a few minutes with Jojo just now, sitting on the bench with his head on my lap, he was so `manja'. And when I said `good nite' and came back in the house, he went near the window and looked at me with a pitiful face.. my heart melted.

Jelly too.. will look so sad whenever I leave the house or put her back in her crate at night..

I don't know about other dogs.. but Jojo and Jelly are those who could spend 24 hours a day by your side, longing for your company..

Dogs are the most loyal companions one could have.. unlike human beings, they will never ever get tired or sick of you..

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