Monday, May 28, 2007

Hot Hot Idols!!

Like me, you'd be forgiven if you don't know who these two pretty boys are.. but let me tell you, they are currently SO HOT that their one-day visit to our shore had not only attracted thousands of fans but even caused a commotion - broken window and some fans even fainted! And yes, a large group also stalked them all the way to and for KLIA!

Brueni-born Wu Chun, vocalist from Fahrenheit band, and Taiwanese Danson Tang are the stars of a hit Taiwanese drama with the weirdest and longest name - Hanazakarino Kimitachihe! 8TV will be showing the series, also starring Ella of S.H.E.

Look at just some of the photographers that turned out at their Press Conference on Saturday morning.. and yeah, i was asked by a magazine to cover it but I could hardly get a decent shot and almost got trampled over! (these pix were taken courtesy of 8TV)

They sure have a way to strike a pose in front of their posters. In fact they posed for photographs much more than they spoke or answered questions at the short PC.

At the meet-the-fans session later in the afternoon, which thank God I didn't have to cover. Apparently, Berjaya Time Square was packed to the brim.. some fans turned up at 5am just to grab a better place and when the two stars appeared, some were so emotional that they cried!! And yeah, a few fainted as well...from the write-up in the Chinese paper, the situation was so out-of-control and they almost had to cut short the program!

Ok, maybe I'm old.. but I don't remember being that crazy even in my teens over my favourite idols..

And to be honest, I find these two boys too effeminate and `plasticky' even, although they appeared to be rather friendly and easy going.. but lack characters. Well, that's my opinion.. all the teeny-boppers fans out there would beg to differ.

I guess the reason I posted this is that I am still bewildered at the immensity of their popularity. Are they THAT cute? what do fans really see in them.. and how crazy can fans be these days!!?

Oh but let me know if they are your idols. ;)

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