Friday, May 18, 2007

American Idiots

Shocking! How could this happen? I can bet millions of audiences across the globe who follow American Idol are crying foul when its best contestant has been booted out!

Melinda Doolittle, who has been giving sterling performances consistently throughout and possesses the most amazing voca, is out of the final - totally undeservingly.

Like many people, I was hoping for a Melinda-Jordin final. Blake has a good enough run to reach the semi-final with his so-so singing talent. Although some of us had a hunch that he might make it through with his throng of female fans! (and yes it did happen!)

What were the voters thinking? It just goes to prove that when it comes to a contest based on sms votes, popularity upstages true talent. Even for a su
pposedly huge and credible show like this.

Call me `ulu' but I've only started following AI this season (yeah, i somehow didn't catch the previous seasons). It's the ONLY TV show that I've been following and I must say I have enjoyed it very much and I thought the standard of performances were pretty good. But what a shame that the results had to come to this..

When the cruel result was announced at her face, Melinda smiled and was a picture of grace and peace. There wasn't a hint of disappointment or bitterness. I really admire her for that.. And I really believe her career will go far, with that kind of voice.

Sigh, I'm not excited anymore for the final next week.. To me and many others, Melinda's exit has given the show an anti-climax already.

I found this more detailed analysis
piece which I agreee totally with the author! Of course, there are many similar sentiments expressed all over cyberspace.

So, perhaps (sarcastically) they are just looking for an `idol' and not a true singer after all.


boo_licious said...

Well, I guess with Jennifer Hudson's Oscar win it proves that you don't need to be an American Idol to make it big.

This voting system is more of a popularity contest not on talent.Hope Doolittle gets a singing contract which gives her millions vs Blake whom I also think is not worthy of being a finalist.

jesscet said...

yep, lets hope Jordin will win!!