Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes.. it's Christmas!! And in a week's time, we'll be ushering in the year 2009!!

I'll be driving up to Penang with my sis and her kids over the Christmas hols.. and we will be joining my cousin and her family there for two nites. Although I'll miss Christmas service and a friend's Christmas party, but having Christmas by the beach is also quite cool for a change!.. and most importantly, is having fun and spending time my sis, nephews and niece who live in Hong Kong. It's not common that they're back here for Christmas..!

I've spent most of Christmas eve in the kitchen cooking up a storm! I had decided to host dinner for the family and features a pretty traditional Western menu. Besides the roast turkey that I ordered, also attempted rosemary roast rack of lamb - which recipe I got from my friend. It turned out really good!! Then for starters, did the tried and tested yummy fresh mushroom soup. Also made cous-cous, pumpkin, broccollis and carrots as sides.. Gosh we were so stuffed. And for once the turkey tasted succulent and nice!

Too tired and lazy to post photos up.. perhaps later..

Will try (but I must!) do a year-end review soon.. in fact, there are some exciting things to share as well as all the merry-making at this festive seasons!

In the mean time, here's wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and happy new year! :)

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