Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Festival of 9 Lessons & Carols

This is Cantus Musicus' Christmas presentation - happening on Sunday!

Our repertoire is a selection of readings (which i haven't heard myself yet!) and a varied and eclectic mix of carols - not your typical shopping mall kind but from different era and countries. So besides old and modern English, we will be singing in Latin, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish... The music are quite exquisite and pretty `rare' too..

It's not a long program - the whole thing will take not more than 1 1/4 hour and it will be pretty interesting cos we'll be having mulled wine and mince pie too!

Since it's a public and free performance, I've spammed all my friends and contacts in town with email invites, Facebook invite as well as sms (cos some of them i don't have their emails or not on Facebook). As it's the busy Dec month, the response hadn't been all too encouraging - many are away or not free or kinda hesitant in committing..

Well, at least I know dad and mom are coming and very likely a couple of friends..

Or maybe some who i don't know may chance upon this blog and interested...

Am pretty excited about it.. some of these pieces really grow on you..and ya, Christmas is coming soon! :)

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