Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas singing series with Cantus Musicus!

The first half of December has been a busy month as far as singing (and feasting) is concerned!

My choir Cantus Musicus had been invited to stage three performances and you guess it, most of the time the singing was followed by feasting!! ;) But of course, the real joy was derived from singing those beautiful and meaningful pieces linked to the birth of Christ.

Being a shutterbug and one who likes to be at the receiving end as well, I did my narcissist thing and had a photo taken before I left home for each performance. ;)

December 1 - Equatorial Hotel
(dresscode - white top and long black bottom - and colourful accessories (mine you could hardly see:p)

It was for some Christmas event at the hotel - where they lit up their Christmas tree. There were some long speeches prior to our singing.. It was quite `sad'.. since we were singing in a corner of the lobby, and most people were not really listening - I think we had like an audience of about five?

Anyways.. we still sang in good spirit and I think those who watched enjoyed themselves. After singing, we were treated to a superb buffet spread!

December 7 - `9 Lessons & Carols' at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church
(Dress code: All black with colourful Christmas accessories - I borrowed a red necklace from mom!)

We rose to the occasion and in my and many others' opinion, sang our best for the performance. It was a meaningful presentation with readings of Scriptures by various diplomats in between carols. I really love the pieces from different eras in various languages..

After the performance, the audience was treated to home-made mince pies and mulled wine - courtesy of some talented ladies from our choir.

I did spam many ppl on emails, Facebook and sms and personally invited many to come but finally only my parents and three friends (one had to miss out the `feast' for a wedding dinner) came.. Well, it's their loss missing out! :p My parents and friends thought we were really good!

December 13th - `Festliches Weihnachtskonzert' by GSSKL at Bukit Nanas Convent Chapel
(Dress code: silver, blue & white)

This to me was the climax of our series of performances! :p

It's my first time entering Bukit Nanas convent, and the chapel of course. It's really quite beautiful! But my friend who studied there said it was even nicer before they painted the facade brown. I forgot to ask some members not singing to take photos of us! So I don't have any photos when we sang.. There was this part when a lady from our choir dressed up as Lucia of `Sankta Lucia' with a crown of light on her head. and there was also candle lighting when we sang `Light a Candle in the Dark'... ah, how I wished there were photos (well, the society's official photographer was there but haven't seen the pix in their website yet..)

And of course, there was the feast and free flowing wine!! Emm.. I think i was unconsciously trying to keep up with the amazing drinker sitting next to me - he already downed four glasses of white wine when we were just about to get our appetizers!! So I ended up having two glasses - one for red and the other for white wine - in front of me the whole night long..

And ya, i got a little bit high I must say but still steady enough to drive home, in a merry mood.

can you believe some of them still hadn't had enough of singing and continued after dinner?! :p

p.s. a big thank you to all my fellow choir members for being so united, singing their hearts out and a even bigger thank you to our choir director who put in so much effort in everything from selecting the music to coaching us and coordinating the presentations and more! Thanks Lisa and all for making this Christmas special and memorable! :)

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