Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday.....to me!!

Haha, the older I get, the more shameless I am. :p Well, this is my blog after all and I always do blog about memorable occasions and events in my life. And after blogging on three birthdays that had gone pass without revealing my age here (tho most of my readers would probably know anyway!) Today, I suddenly feel like `coming out of the closet'.. as in I just feel like announcing my age to the world!!

After all, this is my last year being in the happening and hip 30s! And there's nothing to hide. Ya.. I have just turned 39 today!

It's weird.. cos just in the last few weeks or so I was moping the fact that I was growing so old already.. and really dreading for this day to come.

But guess what? Today I suddenly feel so ready to embrace this pre-milestone. Ya, I actually am at peace and even proud to be 39. I mean.. just one more year and I'll be entering a brand new decade - the 40s!! :0

This is the time when you are commanding more respect (ahem) and privileges in life.. I feel like I'm turning to be a real adult again! I know, I'm a late late bloomer.. :p

I had a nice celebration with my church friends last nite at a new place in SoHo KL (yes, more photos will follow) I was really tickled when the birthday cake arrived.. guess what - there were two large candles and two small candles on it!! Hahaha I take it that I act and feel and maybe even lookk 22?! I guess my friend who bought the cake was so thoughtful to not only not to remind me of my actual age but wanted to just cheer me up by `pretending' I was 22! (actually she said she asked for 21 but the cake shop gave one extra candle) But to be honest, I do feel young - like 22! Like some of my friends were saying, age is just a number, you are as old as how you feel! And i truly subscribe to that!

Another friend who turned 40 last month said `40 is the new 30!' and she felt great!

Well, today I'm having a lazy day so far.. Perhaps over exhausted myself over the events last week and weekend, I dropped the original plan to go (window) shopping at Pavillion and chose to just loiter back home.. and then I thought I should just blog.. after all, how could I tear myself away from my beloved PC and Internet! :p

Will be having dinner with parents tonite and have not yet decided where to go... actually the venue or even the food is secondary as long as I can celebrate with them together.. :)

Hmm.. feeling so sleepy now.. think I will take a nap and then go for my aromatherpy appointment later. And will enjoy and relax for the rest of the day..

Yay, I think I've finally come to terms with my real age.. but wonder how I will feel when I celebrate my 40th next December!!!


Covert_Operations'78 said...

Oh, okay, I get it now. It's because you feel 22 that you were given 2 large and 2 small candles. Wow, you're 39? I've always thought that you were 31 or something. Many Happy Returns and stay young always.

jesscet said...

thanks, you really made my day!! :D