Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two Birthday Dinners - Pix Gallore!

I feel blessed that I was treated to two enjoyable and sumptuous birthday dinners two nights in a row! :)

It started with a memorable birthday eve celebration with a group of friends - dining at a place where we all have never been!

I made the task easier for Lynn, who so sweetly organised my birthday dinner - and told her that I would like to try out the eateries at SoHo KL @ Solaris - since I've never been. And from its website, it seemed one of the more interesting restaurants is Ole Ole Bali!

It was a Monday night and I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a good turn out, although I've been asking Lynn who were coming - curious ma . :p

True to its name, the restaurant has a Balinese theme with nice interior and ambiance. The food consists of Balinese as well as burgers!! Of course we all chose the former. Our nasi campur was quite tasty with lots of side dishes - although after a while it was too much already. Guess the only grouse is on the not-up-to-par standard of service. At least I was mentally prepared for it as I read in a couple of food blogs that the service was bad!

My food blogger friend Masak-Masak even warned me and told me not to scold the waitors! Anyways, I was in a happy and good mood so the slow and blur waiters were spared my scolding!!

We took lots of photos but somehow some of the photos were kinda blur... could be the obscure lighting..

And when the cake arrived.. I was amused to see two large and two small candles on it!!

With the gusy - only few of them..

With the gals! Yay - girl power!! ;)

It's a family tradition of sort to eat out on one's birthday. But on Dec 16th afternoon, I was still deliberating where to my birthday dinner with my parents as they left it to me to decide.. Being an adventurous person when it comes to food esp, I would like to opt to dine at a place I've been before! My mind was a bit blank so i did some research on food blogs and came across `Sage' in The Gardens from two popular blogs - just check out the exquisite cuisine on Masak-Masak and A Whiff of Lemongrass!

Looks very costly but since my birthday comes only once a year - that's the privilege I get :p But i didn't manage to reserve a table as I couldn't get through the nos given in the blog as well by The Gardens.

Since it was a Tues, I thought it's not that difficult to get a table for three. So we went.. but guess what, there happened to be a company function and thus there wasn't even one free table. I was quite disappointed..

Well, since we were already at The Gardens, so we all agree to find another restaurant there. After looking through the directory, it was between Alexis and Yogi Tree - both of these restaurants I have been once before for lunch.

We ended up at Yogi Tree. It's quite a `downgrade' from Sage but I managed to help dad to save at least RM400 or so! And it makes me happy when dad is happy :) I must say it has very good service and the food was pretty good too - at least my parents also enjoyed without burning a hole in the pocket!

Wearing the pair of expensive glasses that's the birthday present from mom!

Our orders from two set dinner menus: two pumpkin soups, seafood paella, garden salad, grilled rib eye steak.

And we were allowed to choose two cakes for dessert

The Chilean house wine was pretty good that we ordered extra!

Dad was so impressed by the meaningful wordings on the wall that he asked me to take a photo!

And.. when we got home, and before the end of my birthday.. how could I forget to take a photo with the two Js - who unfortunately weren't in the mood for the camera!! :p

Just want to thank all for your company and wishes, your gifts, SMS-es and countless FB messages.. there is no regrets in turning a year older (like I have a choice? haha)

p.s. oh, there is a joint belated birthday treat from a couple of friends next Monday..!


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Looks like a great birthday celebration, even if you didn't manage to try Sage! Happy Birthday and God bless!

maycheah said...

Haha what a coincidence! Lynn & I were contemplating trying out the Yogitree for your birthday dinner before you suggested Ole Ole Bali!

jesscet said...

LL: Hey thanks! I was using your blog as my restaurant guidance! hehe.. :)

may: really? haha, so I still get to go Yogitree after all. And the service there was MUCH better than ole ole's! :p

Chipmunkrock said...

we decided against Yogitree also coz we thought it closed early! (think they were shutting at 9 or 9.30 that night :P)

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ee-Tan! Looks like you had a great birthday celebration. I don't get it -- why 2 large and 2 small candles? Are you 22? Or is it an inside joke? Your parents are lovely. But your two Js are da bomb! They crack me up!

jesscet said...

thanks ee lynn! haha, my friend wanted to give me the thrill so asked for two big and one small candles but was given an extra one. That's why i was `22'!! hahaha ;)