Monday, December 15, 2008

What a month!!

This must be the most eventful month of the year for me! Can't believe my calendar is full till January.. and it's hardly work related.

So much has been happening.. and yes, I was distracted from blogging even! And to behonest, I I don't even know how to start.. I mean there are events - like the series of performances by my choir Cantus Musicus - they are definitely memorable - especially with the feasting and drinking that accompanied them!! ;P

Then there are the more reflective stuff I would like to share too.. they're kinda personal but definitely no secret. It's about the changes and much uncertainties surrounding my freelance writer career now. Actually I'm even reluctant to call it a career.. I really don't know what's going to happen next year, which is merely half a month away but I just have to trust the Lord in guiding me.

Indeed this second half of Dec there are so many things to look forward to! Firstly, I'm turning a year older in about just 21 hours away!! Argh, i've been in denial all this while and really dread for my birthday to come. But now that it's dawning on me, I think I've kinda accepted it and happy to embrace it.. You know it's something like you are nervous while preparing for a major exam but when the day come, you just go along with it and things are much more optimistic than what you thought it would be!!

And for once, my sis and my three nephews and niece will be back over Christmas and New Year! Ya, they rarely come back at this time of year.. So this Christmas will be a bit out of the norm. Well, I'll be preparing a Christmas eve dinner - complete with a roast turkey (bought, too much hassle to make) for the family. And then on Christmas day, we driving up to Penang to join my cousin's family for two day's holiday by the sea.. Then there will be more social engagements and parties till new year...

Ya.. you can guess I'm already in the festive and holiday mood.. Especially when we were singing all these lovely Christmas numbers.. I think I hardly get to work at all this month!!

Ok, I shall be putting snippets and photos of the choir performances in the next post! And then there will be more photos of happenings to come.. ;)

Stay tuned!


lainey said...

heey ddjj, happy birthday! hope you have an awesome year ahead :D wat are your plans for your special day? do blog about it when you have time - which may be next year?? hehehee. take care and party responsibly :P sounds like it's a whole month of ongoing celebrations! cheers!

CL said...

Hope you ve a happy birthday!!

jesscet said...

thanks lainey-mm! :) u're one of the rare ones who wishes me on my blog! having a lazy day so far.. yes, yes, am going to blog!:p u have a great time skiing and a merry christmas & happy new year! miss ya..

jesscet said...

thanks CL! :) hehe my silent reader finally speaketh!