Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yet another car incident!!

A friend commented that I've had so many incidents with my cars especially in the last couple of years. She is quite right :(

Less than 3 weeks after that `freak fire' incident with my car, can you imagine I had an accident with the courtesy car - bursting two tyres in one go!!

Thank God though as it was not an accident that involve collision with another car, or a pole or a tree.. rather, i very recklessly went up a stony uneven curb while doing a fast u-turn. I have done that turn (which was just in mny housing area actually) like hundreds of times but because I was in a rush and wanted to beat another slow car which was turning into that road too.. I misjudged and crashed into the curb. I tell you,m the sound of the impact was loud and I immediately knew the tyre was gone.

But one thing I didn't know was that BOTH the left front and back tyres were gone at that time..

Thankfully there was a tyre shop just 500 meters down the road so I made it till there and got them to change the spare tyre to the front left, which was completely flat and had a huge hole on the tyre itself!
I was already running late for a work assignment in Sunway. I called to inform the other party but I thought I could still make it with the few minutes of delay.. But little did I know a bigger disaster is coming..

After driving for another 10km or so on the highway, I heard some thumping noise from the left side.. At first I thought the spare tyre was faulty! But then a lady motorist honked me and pointed to the left back tyre of my car. I nodded in gratitude and by then the noise was getting louder and louder and the ride was bumpier so I just had to pull over on the Federal Highway - just after the Pantai exit.

What could I do besides calling for help for another tyre? So immediately i called Nissan and thankfully got the technician head who said he would come with a spare tyre. So I put on the hazaard light, and waited in the car stopped at the emergency lane. It was a long wait.. I wished I have a book or even my laptop with me so I didn't have to waste time..

I think it was about 45 minutes later that they finally arrived, with another spare tyre. Then, I saw how badly damage were both the tyres, and I think the underneath of the car was also hit too.. I didn't want to ask about the cost.. as i'm not sure how it would work out. They couldn't charge me for the new tyres - which I had to go to Nissan again tomorrow to get them fixed (as they needed to order one extra now), because this car is not mine. In fact, I am hoping that I get my car back soon.. hopefully in a week's time. Ya, they are STILL waiting for spare parts to arrive from Japan!

Anyway, because of this incident, I also forfeited a translation work assignment that i was to do for the first time. The pay aint a lot but I was kinda looking forward to it as a learning experience. I also inadvertantly put the moderator in a spot because I - the translator - could not turn up in the last minute! So I apologised to both she and the person who recommended me the job.. but really what could I do. I couldn't just abandon the car loaned to me in the middle of highway...

So now my courtesy car looks like this: original tyres and rims on the right, and a pair of spare tyres with no rims on the left.

Sigh. accidents happen but they're happening too often for me. And now I vow to be extra careful and no more reckless driving when I get my March back!!


Anonymous said...

I heard such vow some many times already...

jesscet said...

is it? so u must be someone i know. why anonymous? is this Chin?

but i really don't remember telling such vow to people many times..