Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jojo's new phobia!

Does this thing - a colourful little windmill - look scary? (actually it looks bigger in this pix but the diameter is about 24cm or so)

I just can't believe Jojo is such a scatty coward!! He totally freaked out when I showed him this when I got back tonight. He already looked scared - could he have phobia with bright colours too? - when it was still.. And when I made it turn, Jojo just ran away in fear!

Later I had the back door opened when I watched TV and he didn't even enter - he would not miss chances of coming into the house normally. Well, he knew that `scary thing' was inside the house. Then I went out to look for him and he was hiding at the far end of the garage - poor thing. Hmmm.. I can be quite a sadist when it comes to things like this with Jojo. So I took the windmill with me and sure enough he ran.. but I chased after him.. and then he ran inside the house and went all the way upstairs into my room.. to hide at his `safety zone' - which is the space underneath my sink!

Argh!! once he got there, it's really hard to make him budge! I cooed him and even pretended to take Jelly for a walk but to no effect. I had to ask dad to help and finally he came out a bit but he still didn't want to leave my room door until I had to fiercely shout at him. He then ran all the way down, out of the backdoor and hid somewhere in the garden..

Maybe I wanted to `punish' him for such behaviour, so I decided to`train' him not to be afraid of that thing - Jelly was oblivious to it although if I put it moving too near, she didn't really like it either. So this time I closed the backdoor and went looking for Jojo again and he dashed inside his own kennel. I'm such a sadist.. I put that windmill at the door of his house! So Jojo just sat inside stiffly staring at it.. Minutes later, I didn't think it would do anything for him so i actually used Jelly (sorry Jelly) to lure him out and see. I put on the leash pretending to take Jelly out for a walk.. and true enough, the urge to go out surpassed his fear of that windmill and he dashed out quickly!

Ya, I'm quite a sadist but it's just quite `funny'! Can someone tell me what's so scary to a dog (a large dog even) about this windmill? I could understand still if he's scared of umbrella - he still is. But this thing? it didn't even produce noise...

Jojo, you just amaze me again.. but sorry for scaring you on purpose.. I just hope you're a little more braver - just 1/3 of Jelly's bravity will do... sigh.

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