Sunday, November 23, 2008

AGAIN!! but this time it's not my fault!!

I hate motorcyclists!!! Especially those reckless ones!!

You won't believe that I'm so unlucky to have two accidents in one week!! While what happened on Tuesday was due my own fault, this afternoon I was just so unlucky to be hit by a motorcyclist while driving along a congested road.

Well, I later found out the jam was caused by a car accident way at the end of Jalan Cheras. So we were crawling along, and then suddenly, I heard a loud crash and felt an impact from the left back of my car! I quickly looked at the left side mirror and saw a motorcylist and his motorbike both fell on the road. Then almost immediately, he got up and jumped onto his motorbike again. I slowed down and honked at him as he passed but he didn't even look at me and just quickly sped off!!

I would have caused a even more massive jam if I stopped so I just drove on until a petrol station nearer to my house - I needed to pump petrol anyway. And then as I checked, I saw that my left back bumper knocked off, and the bottom part also broke..

trust me the damage looks worse in real than in this photo!

I really hate motorcyclists - they think they're the king of the road and not only ride recklessly but many break all the traffic rules!! Like when we were all going slowly in the congestion, they still wanted to speed as they could squeeze in between the cars. It was fortunate for that motorcyclist that he wasn't seriously hurt but then his bike caused pretty bad damage to my car and he didn't even bother but just sped off!! Such a jerk!

I was pretty shocked so didn't remember to note his plate no. but according to dad, i couldn't do anything much also.

Sigh.. I have to send the car for bodywork repair. I was told that only damage more than RM1K could claim insurance. So just my tough luck again..

Now I curse every motorcyclist that I see riding fast and reckless on the road!! They are nuisnaces and pests!!

p.s. apologies to the law-abiding motorcyclists out there.. just that you all seem to be the minority!!

Update (Sunday evening)
Since repairing the damage could cost quite a lot and we would like the insurance to cover, I ended up have to go to lodge a police report this afternoon. And since it's Sunday, I have to go back again tomorrow to get the report (but thankfully dad is helping me to do so since he would be in town..)

The police officer said if i could remember the registration no. of the motorbike, they could trace him. Ya i wished I took note too BUT that guy just rode away so fast..and i was still mildly shell-shocked at what happened...

Pastor in his sermon today questioned why we attributed things to `luck' - good luck or bad luck. But i just can't find another term to describe this incident :(


Chipmunkrock said...

aiyo! another sign?

jesscet said...

hmm.. pls interpret the `sign' if u can!

Chipmunkrock said...

ermmm..give up the luxury of having a car and go into "ulu" places for mission?

(just kiddin - dont take it that i am the messenger from God!But if it was from God then it's a separate issue altogether la!)