Saturday, February 09, 2008

Praying for Grandma..

It has been a Chinese new year of mixed feelings..

There had been some fun reunion time with sis' family and relatives we don't see very often in the last week.. as we ushered in the Year of the Rat.

But on the other hand, my grandma, who lives with us, is not doing well.. Her condition was deteriorating..

And today, just as sis and family were flying back to Hong Kong, she suffered breathing difficulties and we had to call an ambulance to admit her to hospital.

Thank God now that the condition has stabilised somewhat being looked after at the HDU (High Dependency Unit). But all of us know that things won't look optimistic.. she's 90 this year and had been suffering from stroke for a decade. In fact, she has been very weak and frail in the last few months and it became worse just before CNY.

It's only the 3rd day of CNY but none of us at home feel anymore festive mood.. originally I had planned to have a new year party at my place and invited friends from my church fellowship over on Sunday, but because of the development of grandma, I had just cancelled it..

Sis left with a heavy heart.. She was visibly sad and cried a few times, knowing that it's highly likely she won't be seeing grandma again. She's probably grandma's favourite grand child as they were very close when she was young.

There is nothing much that we can do.. :( I have been praying for her.. And my prayer is that God will have mercy on her and any suffering will be minimised. May she have healing, peace and comfort in the last phase of her life...

Grandma at home on 1st day of CNY

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