Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hal-lelujah! Hal-lelujah!

I am so excited! :D For the first time, I got to sing the famous Handel's Hallelujah Chorus! I have heard the famous piece performed several times by orchestra and choirs, and it always sounded so majestic and grand.. I never thought I would be singing it!

Actually, this song is part of the repertoire of Easter presentation by Cantus Musicus, a choir group that I've joined since the beginning of this year. The group is truly multi-national as there are as many expatriates as there are locals. And most of them had been there for years and could sing pretty well I must say.

In just a few practices, I was flooded with music pieces after pieces (more than a dozen at least!) as we have two presentations coming out quite near - one in March for Easter and another in April at the German Ambassador's residents!

And yes, the pieces we sing are in multi-lingual. When I started taking vocal classes, I have tried my hand (or rather, my voice) at singing Italian and Latin songs. But now with Cantus Musicus, we not only sing in Italian and Latin - the more common ones, but also in German, French and even Russian!

As I was still grappling with Italian and Latin, imagine singing in Russian - gosh so far the pronunciation was the toughest! German too, although a tad bit easier than Russian, was totally new to me.

But I really enjoyed singing these classic sacred pieces. Yes, I did find it a little hard to `catch up' as members of the choir are quite familiar with most of the pieces already, I more or less could still follow thanks to my ability to read music and with some singing experience. Also it's not so bad when you're surrounded by people who could sing! But I must say, this is the most challenging choir group I've joined. And yes, I do love it. Especially when we get to sing such hauntingly beautiful pieces that praises the Lord.

My first performance with Cantus Musicus will be on Easter weekend. Will do a little `plug' here ;)

Cantus Musicus presents:
`Thorns and Roses' - Pictures, Poetry & the Passion of Christ.
Date: Saturday March 22
Venue: St Andrew's Presbyterian Church
Time: 6pm-7pm
Free admission

pssst, and here are the songs we will be singing..which recollects the happenings of the first Easter - from sorrow to triumph.
  1. Crown of Roses
  2. Hosianna dem Sohne Davids
  3. Crucifixus a 8
  4. Libera Me
  5. Abendlied
  6. Now the Green Blade Riseth
  7. Hallelujah Chorus
If you enjoy classical sacred music and choruses, it's worth to consider coming, or at least just come to support me! :)

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Messy Christian said...

I've sang the hallelujah chorus. It's lovely. And the scariest thing is we did it without books!! Btw, i sent you an urgent message about the group. In some words - i wanna join!!

I'll try attend! I love sacred songs too.