Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mindless Me!!

I couldn't believe I can be this careless.. and mindless!

And you probably won't believe it either..

I left my laptop at a shop on Monday afternoon and didn't even realise that it's missing till I got a phone call from a staff there today! She apologised that she had opened the case and saw the sales order slip and it had my name and no. on it. But I'm glad she did!

What happened was that I brought my laptop out with me on Monday and had a lunch interview with my cousin. Already I was careless enough to leave it in the car when we had lunch at BSC. It was due to something my cousin said (as part of the interview) that reminded me I forgot the laptop.. I was thinking of not even bother to take it but my cousin thought I should, and she was so kind to fetch it for me as she has finished eating and I was still at it..

After sending her back to her office after lunch, I decided to go to Starbucks at Bangsar Village II and worked there - the reason I brought my laptop along anyway. Well, it wasn't too productive although I did do something and decided to leave before the rush hour..

Then, before I left, I succumbed to the `sales' signs plastered all over Guess? shop and went inside to check it out. The discounts were really quite good and I was looking at the bags as well as clothes. Because my laptop was quite heavy, I requested to place it behind the counter so I could shop more freely!

I confessed I was too engrossed in that 20 mins or so of shopping. Finally, I found a lovely bag at 40 per cent off (but couldn't find any clothes that suited or fit me). By the time I paid for my new bag, I had totally forgotten about the laptop... and the sales assistants obviously also forgot.

I must confess I have left things behind in shops. The more recent one was I left a present I bought - also at BVII coincidentally - and realised it when I was on my way home. I called up the few shops I visited and found where I left it and came back the following day.

I thought that was bad enough.. but this time I was TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to the fact that I have lost my laptop for two days! I went about as normal yesterday.. to Subang AND Bangsar for some interviews for my stories.. In fact, I even parked my car at BVII!

Today I was planning to go to Starbucks at Jusco Selatan near my place - where I go quite regularly. But I didn't even know I don't have my laptop.. and when I received the call from Guess? I just couldn't stop scolding and cursing at myself!! But I was so lucky in the sense that they have kept it for me and even called me up.

Sigh.. maybe I am not fit to own a laptop. OR maybe I'm just plain mindless.. :(


valermo said...

Imagine if you were Edison Chen and left your laptop the way you did......

jesscet said...

haha, my laptop practically has nothing in it - i worked on thumb drives. IF i had anything that secretive i'm sure i would have not been so mindless!