Wednesday, February 13, 2008

back to normal..

Have been feeling so lazy to even update my blog.. but guess I should just to do a short one!

Praise God! Grandma has improved significantly and will be discharged tomorrow morning! We all are so relief.. it was sad seeing her suffering last Saturday.. but when she returns home, more care will be needed as she will be consuming her `nutritional pack' from a tube from now on.. Yeah, she can't really eat the normal way anymore :(

As for myself, I have been quite distracted due to CNY and grandma.. and maybe just plain lazy.. but as of today, more works have been coming in which means I can't afford to slack.. Two weeks had been quite enough a break already!

Our Parliament has been dissolved. So, while political parties are busy gearing up for the general election, looks like I will be immersed with work.. not looking forward to it but would be busy busy from now on.. !

Personally, looks like things are back to normal.. running on clockwork again..

p.s. It's sis' birthday today.. Chin, Happy Birthday once again! ;)

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