Friday, August 17, 2007

I met my `idol' again!! :))

I know, I'm eating my own words. For I just couldn't abstain from blogging for more than a few days, especially when it has been a real happening time - and can you believe, all related to work!

Thank God though, I am feeling much less stressed now as I managed to finish the bulk of my work.. and also managed to have two nights of decent sleep.

But what a hectic fortnight it has been - out of which i interviewed three single mothers, contacted coffee joints operators and cafe lovers, watched a couple of movies and interviewed a few Hong Kong celebs! It felt as if I'm back working with the paper and even busier with many assignments!

And in these two weeks, I'm glad to have met some very nice interviewees who could become friends, but also saw the misfortune and hardship of life, and also encountered something that made me fume! ( I shall not talk about it here.. maybe next time) But overall, I must say I enjoy everything I covered and wrote - and writing still..

Now here comes the crunch of which why I want to write this post...It's the highlight of it all! I was able to meet with my all-time favourite singer again! And.. I managed to talk to him this time personally albeit just a few exchange of words, and then took a pix together!!

Alan Tam - the superstar who is charismatic, affable and simply charming. Ok, he may look a bit older and haggard, but come on, he sure looks cool for someone his age still (he's born in 1950). Ok, I know I'm bias so sue me! :p

For those who don't know, I'd unabashedly tell you that I've liked him ever since I was 15. There are other artistes who I admire and like but there is only one Alan Tam. And no one could ever take his place!

Gosh, I can't believe I've like him for more than two decades ago.. I'm that loyal! ;p

I've almost lost count the number of times I've watched his concerts (about 10 times? - the last time was last Oct) - both here and in Hong Kong. And also thanks to my job I was able to meet him face to face! And yes, I've taken a few photos with him, including those not with digital cameras..

I'm proud to present here the photo taken on Tuesday, after a press conference to promote his newest Mandarin album.

Compared this to a photo of us taken in 2002 in Genting Highland..

It shows how five years did make quite a difference for the both of us! But my adulation and support for Alan would never change, even till he's 80 and all wrinkly!! i would have quite some lines too by then... :p


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pics! ALAN TAM IS THE BEST!

jesscet said...

No probs! so i see u're a fan too! :) hmm.. who are you?

Anonymous said...

He looks better this year compared to 2002!

Carmen and Kim Kee said...

Amazing...a human-being can get younger each year like Alan-Tam. By the way, are you using the same camera this year and in year 2002? Ha...just kidding.

Alam Tam is one of my favourite superstars fact, I prefer him to Jacky Cheung. Opps, hope Jacky's fans won't get offended, it's just personal preference.