Monday, August 13, 2007



Ever since I've stopped full-time work and as far as I remember, I've not felt so STRESSED before! I can't believe the amount of work and deadlines I have this week and next.. and it's supposed to be a time when I take a break!

There is the church family camp from this Saturday to next Tuesday in Penang which I've planned to go and signed up already. Then next Saturday, I'm taking dad and mom (well, taking but not paying for them ;p) for a five-day holiday to Bali..

But I really think I can't finish my work.. cos I still have to spend time attending assignments and there're also some preplanned commitment.. What am I gonna do!? The last resort would be to give up the camp.. but I don't want to do that! So i'm already making alternative plans to leave later and come back earlier (just a few hours the most to save..) or shall I bring my laptop there to work.. looks like I may have to! It's SAD!

It's largely my own fault. I'm such a procrastinator at times, and then because of the addiction to Facebook and Internet, I have more or less left work that I could have done earlier to the end. But also, two of the stories i am writing required LOTS of pre-woke - arranging interviews, meeting up to interviews, other research etc..

I can't believe I was still happily on Internet last night and today I really feel the heat.. and I can only pray and push myself to focus and not waste any more precious time..

This may not make much sense but I post it because I need to let it out.. despite having already been crying out to the Lord for help..!! :((

ARRGHH!!! (p.s. no more post till I'm back from Bali!)

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