Thursday, August 23, 2007

From One Island to Another

Thank God! I've finished all my work and met all the deadlines this week!! :)

Batu Ferringhi beach, Penang (i didn't take the photo.. courtesy of Google Images :p)

Two nights ago, I just returned from Penang where we had a very good and meaningful church camp. Unfortunately time does not allow me to blog further about it now.. We stayed at the Hydro Majestic Hotel along Batu Ferringhi (the beach stretch full of hotels). It was quite a nice place and just a stroll to the seaside.

BUT I didn't even go to the beach at all! Reason? Well, I would be going to Bali and stay at the beach again!! ;) We're departing tomorrow morning!

I'm so glad that although I'm currently feeling still quite tired, due to the backlog of lack-of-sleep during camp, at least I'm stressed and worries free. Don't have to think about work for the next five days! :))

Tuban beach (courtesy of Google Images)

We will be staying at Santhika Beach Hotel at the relatively not so well known Tuban beach (near Kuta) for the first two nights and then another hotel in Ubud for the next three nights. I'm really looking forward to experience the well known Hotel Tjampuhan and Spa - which is the former home of a Walter Spies, located in the countryside amidst hills and lily pond.. (yep, i spent hours searching for good Balinese style yet not too expensive accommodation on the Net about 3 months back)

Oh, and will be trying out the hotel's unique spa that's listed on my guidebook :)

the cool spring water pool at Tjampuhan

In case you're wondering who are `we' - this time I'm taking my parents! (oh maybe i've mentioned in an earlier post already) After my trip there with two friends in January, I know my parents would love the place - especially my dad. And yeah they haven't been. So I resumed the role of the tour planner/guide while I leave the footing of the bills to him.. :p

I know, I would love to treat my parents but at the moment my financial status does not allow me to. And more over they have more disposable income than me!

We are going to have a more relaxing one than how I travelled in January. As dad and mom are looking for a real holiday and so not try to squeeze in all the tourists spots!

Also, we choose to go at this time because so that we get to celebrate dad's birthday on Aug 27! He will be turning 67 (but still looks 57)

Ahh.. how nice to spend your birthday on the paradise island of Bali.. :) I hope all of us, especially dad will have a lovely holiday..

Speaking which, I better end this post and start packing.. Tata!

BALI! Here I come again!! :))


Anonymous said...

Hotel Tjam... sure looks very good. Glad you guys are having a good time. I actually wanted to go there but Douglas is not interested. He is afraid of the heat and the bugs...

jesscet said...

actually Bali is not `ulu' u know.. it's a very developed tourist destination. middle of the year isn't too hot and i didn't get bitten at all by `bugs'! So ask him to reconsider.. just that i think it's not very suitable for kids.. maybe just both of u ;)