Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Singing Easter


Jesus last words from the Cross were only the beginning to what seemed like the end... for He triumphantly rose again from the grave three days later, on that first Easter morning.

Easter is kinda low key in this part of the world, as opposed to Christmas (which ironically has gone far too commercial) But to think of it, the fundamental belief in Christianity anchors on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So indeed lent and Easter ought to be a powerful reminder and a time of thanksgiving for the great sacrifice our Saviour had gone through for our salvation.

I had had what I'd call it a `Singing Easter'. I've never sung so much in a few days before! Thank God He kept my health and voice in good condition..

On Good Friday service, I was co-leading worship and well as singing in our church choir. On Saturday evening, I was singing with Cantus Musicus in the `Thorns and Roses' Easter presentation. Then today morning, I was again singing with my church choir during worship.
Then there were the practices and rehearsals gearing up for these: On Wednesday evening was the rehearsal with Cantus Musicus, Thursday was the church worship and choir rehearsal; Friday I had my vocal class (not to do with Easter but singing no doubt); and Saturday morning another last-min practice with sopranos of Cantus Musicus, follow by church worship practice for Easter!

Technically speaking, I had sung eight sessions - no, make it NINE for we had to sing for two services this morning - in five days! It's definitely a personal record for me!

Hey but I'm not complaining. I love singing and what's more meaningful than singing for the Lord.

I'm happy that my parents, and a number friends turned up to give me support for `Thorns and Roses' last night despite the heavy rain. First time performing in a public choir, and a pretty good one at that, I was a little bit nervous as honestly speaking, I still wasn't totally familiar with all the songs! Imagine, I had to learn seven pieces in two months or so while most of the choir members have sung some of the pieces before. But the more I sang, the more I loved those songs..

The songs were accompanied by poetry readings, recitations and pictures.. and I think they beautiful and aptly depicted and described the events surrounding the death and resurrection of Christ. Although we knew certain pieces had a little hitches, but overall it went well. And my parents and friends were all very impressed and thought the choir was very good, very professional.. I feel quite proud to be able to be part of such a brilliant group! :p

Likewise our church choir, although we are all amateur singers, we did give our best and sang with one heart for Good Friday and Easter service. I enjoyed the singing, though it was not so intense compared to `Thorns and Roses'.

Finally now, on Sunday afternoon, I can say out in a sigh of relief: `it is finished!' - both in the Biblical context of Jesus' salvation work, as well as my personal singing endeavour this Easter. :)

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