Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ecstasy from Election Tsunami!

Blogger failed me early this morning! It went kaput probably due to heavy traffic.

Gosh I had so wanting to blog (but delayed till now) cos I was, and still am, so excited!! By what else but the amazing results of our 12th General Election!

I was first told that DAP's Tony Pua was way ahead of incumbent Chew Mei Fun at around 6pm, then the shocking results came in one by one.. rookie oppositions beating long-standing MP, Oppositions winning seats that once considered stronghold of BN, and that Penang has fallen to the Opposition.. by dinner time, the atmosphere was brewing hot at home.

After dinner, dad and mom came to my room to watch news on TV while I stayed glued to the Net to get the latest results from Malaysiakini. There were lots of `Wows' and `Ahs' from the three of us!

As time passed, we were hearing more and more shocking results to our joy. Experienced ministers have fallen to young fresh first-timer.. the whole constituencies held securely by BN for many years were `wiped out'. And guess what? FIVE states have fallen now belong to the Oppositions! Goodness, never in our (at least my parents and I) wildest dream that we expected such results!

My dad, who has witnessed the nation's politics (and himself quite involved in his younger days) since independence day, was delirious, crying out: `bien tian! (loosely translated as big upset). He said this is truly a historic election and the results were even more amazing than the GE in 1969 - ie. the Opposition's best performance.

Consider just the last election in 2004, BN had won by more than 90 per cent majority.. and this time, they are denied their 2/3 ruling majority!! What's also great is that we are no longer playing the racial card. It's not about Chinese against the ruling government. We can see multi-racial candidates on both side of the coalition.

The voice of the people had spoken - the voice that calls for a change - to rid corruption, injustice and inefficacy and the many woes that the government had exhibited. The Rakyat is not blind and this time we have bravely come out to vote for change.

This is the 4th time I voted and followed the G.E. but I have never felt sooooo excited before. I'm not alone of course. Even at 3am, i was chatting with a few friends online who were equally ecstatic of what had just happened!

And I had difficulty getting to sleep.. just too excited still. I can't imagine those involved in the elections could actually slumber as well..

So a wind of change has come. And man, it started off with a tsunami election that blew everyone away - a turning point and defining moment in our country's politics. But this is just the beginning. Lets pray that the leaders would work together to bring about a true change for the better.

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