Monday, March 17, 2008

a cosy little bloggers-meet

Since i started blogging and reading blogs, i've been acquainted with a small no. of bloggers but our communication is limited to online. Liz is probably the blogger i've met earliest.. was quite impressed by her blog and thus i chose to interview her in one of my blogging articles. And then I also got to meet her in person too due to our similar profession.

Then there are some others whom I became `friends' with over blogs but whom I've not met..

Over chat a week ago when we were excitedly exchanging views on the election results, Liz invited me to her apartment for a potluck dinner. I missed the last do at her place where I heard a number of bloggers i read were there. I gladly said yes since I thought it would be nice to catch up with her and also meet a few new friends!

So last night, I was quite excited when I met Lynnee and Irene for the first time. I did know how they looked like but it was different actually talking to them in person! Liz has also invited a couple from her church - Eric and Amy and their two adorable children.

The food took up the whole dining table and we made ourselves cosy squeezing around the table. It was a pretty sumptuous and varied fare. There were home-made sushi made and brought by Lynnee, mash potatoes by Amy, two types of roast chicken by Irene, fried rice, fish and green salad by Liz, and I brought my `tried and tested' tomato salsa and potato salad, as well as a bottle of red wine from dad's stock.

Even though none of us are SoPo bloggers, the subject of politics just naturally cropped up and dominated our talk throughout dinner. I mean the recent winds of change was such an exciting affair that it just got everyone talking - as long as you're Malaysians but even our American friends on the table chipped into the conversations too.

Gosh all of us were so full. I think I really overate again as there were more than enough food..!

Amy and Eric had to leave early as it was way past the kids' bed time. So there left the four of us and we really made ourselves at home in Liz' living room.. chit-chatted for a while and also watched some DVD - a new series called `Gossip Girl' - whereby I found the protagonist way too old as a 16-year-old school girl! But it was kinda interesting in an obscure way :p

Before we went home, which was already close to midnight, we thought we should camwhore a bit.. after all, for me at least, it was the first time taking photo with them!

And so both Lynnee and I tried out our camera's self-timer function. For me, it was the first time I used it! We placed our cameras on the television. And hey, it didn't turn out that bad.. ok, I did do some heavy cropping..but after that they looked quite ok.

Then we decided to change poses a bit and make ourselves look more relaxed..and silly! :p

We had a good time! Thanks to Liz for opening her home. I hope there will be more to come! ;)


lynnee said...

i had a great time... first time meeting you :D

jesscet said...

lynnee: it was nice meeting u too after reading your interesting blog for so long! ;)