Sunday, May 21, 2006

MM re-launch!

Thought I would do a publicty-slant post for the NEW Malay Mail - officially launched last Friday (May 19, 2006) with the first issue out the following day. Afterall, it's my `bread & butter'..

Yep, the bright logo with colours resembling a well known fast-food chain is our new masthead! It's supposed to be young, bold and vibrant since the paper is now targetted to the 18-35 age group.

The trade launch, attended by some 1,300 corporate clients, advertisers and media, was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. I didn't expect so many people.. they even had to add chairs in the ballroom! Well, the whole MM team was supposed to change into a black MM shirt with the huge masthead logo half way through the launch, as to keep the new logo a surprise..

On the way to the launch at a long corridor in KLCC (convention centre)

The stage was set for the launch - notice the huge `M'!!

The MM Editor/COO and the NSTP chairman were on stage to do a multi-media presentation of the new paper and in between, guests were entertained by a local band, a song by (MI2 runner-up) Nita, a sorta standup comedy session by Jit Murad and a fashion show - with models, representing the young, cosmopolitan women, parading with a copy of the paper, flipping through it and reading.. (it's quite amusing to see anyone would get that excited over the paper :p)

At the end, each of the guests was given a black MM bag (the one in the photo) containing a special edition of the MM and the inaugural issue of Weekend Mail, which is printed on thick white paper (like The Edge's)

The whole launch lasted not more than 1 hour and then came the highlight for many - FOOD (what else?) Some of us were surprised that the company was actually quite generous.. we had quite an extensive spread - a few buffet tables with good selections of starters, main-courses, desserts, AND even free-flowing draft beer! I caught up with some of my contacts - mostly int he entertainment industry. But I also met Michael Chong (now Datuk ofcourse) whom I had been covering for almost 3 years but haven't seen for a while since I moved to entertainment.

While mingling around, I was interjected by Channel V for an interview! I seriously don't know how I would appear on TV (the program will be out in about 2 weeks I was told) But i guess I probably will be on for about 5 seconds.

With some of the MM newsdek journalists

with fellow colleagues from Buzz

posing with the my boss/editor

Had a few beers and chatted with some bubbly friends from EMI. It was like 7pm when I left - one of the last 50 people or so left at the party. Didn't want to be stuck in the traffic jam so I went shopping at Suria KLCC! (what a good exucse) :D

It was pretty fun. At least it was a day away from work.. but I can forsee a crazy busy week(s) ahead now that the paper is up and is running on full steam! :S

p.s. Do check out the new MM - buy a copy to give a little support ;) And yeah, do give your feedback - negative ones also can! (btw, my articles would normally be out on Thurs. and in Weekend Mail and sometimes other days in news-showbiz)


boo_licious said...

Hey, we were at KLCC on friday too to watch Da Vinci Code. Looks interesting the new MM - will check it out and definitely give my comments.

jesscet said...

oh really! what did u think of DVC? the book is better right? and thanks for your support and comments in advance :)