Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday, Jess' two Js!!

Yep! It's exactly one year ago, and around the wee hours of the morning just like now that I penned, I mean typed, the very first post of my blog.

What originally started off as a blog dedicated to my two darling canines - Jojo & Jelly - had evolved gradually into a personal blog.. and contains more stuff about myself, my life, my thoughts etc.. than just about my dogs.

But of course my two Js are still very very important to me. Just that there are limited dog tales to tell.. :p

Blogging is addictive for me... maybe I love write and share. And although at times nothing really interesting is happening nor any creative idea brewing, still I feel compelled to update! Not that I have that many readers but it's become an avid hobby of sort, personally. Yeah, it's very much a part of my life ..

To think of it, I used to write diary since my early teens and have gone through about five diaries. But in recent years, the frequency had dwindled to just a few times of writing a year!

But amazingly, with this innovative novelty on the cyber world, I am writing diary of anoter sort - open and not secret anymore. And I guess it has already replaced and took over the good-old diary..

Only problem is, if ever one day (God forbids) Blogger closes down for whatever reason.. I will lose everything!!! But there are also thousands or perhaps millions of fellow bloggers that would be in the same shoe as me...

Anyway, here's me wishing my blog many happy returns of the day and may Jess' two Js see many many more birthdays! (errr.. am sounding schizophrenic or what :p)


boo_licious said...

Happy Birthday! Such cute pixs and the 2 J's are as adorable as always.

lainey said...

happy b'day ddjj. see u in a couple week's time! (about 5) and remember our swim and 'makan' dates!:p

jesscet said...

lainey> yep, looking fwd to seeing u soon and go on our `dates' ! ;)

boo> thanks! :) and thanks for ur blog which caused me to accidentally start my own blog!!