Saturday, May 27, 2006

Eventful Month Around the Corner..

Another busy work week had just rolled by... can you believe we're at the end of May 2006 already??!!

Have been writing so much at work that I really have no mood to write anything else now.

Just looking ahead, June will be an eventful month with some interesting things to look forward to... Among them:

1. E.E. exam and graduation
2. A good friend's wedding (am a cheemui/helper ;))
3. Worship bootcamp/training
4. Work, work, work (don't know about looking forward to that!)
5. and of course... WORLD CUP 2006!!

Yep, although I don't claim to be a true blue football fan but World Cup is something I have been following ever since Mexico '86l! I remember watching - on my friend's little television - almost every match during Italy '90 back in university days in England. I took one month leave in 1998 (that time I had enough leave while working with Sunday Mail) just to catch the matches at those odd hours... Perhaps the four-year wait truly adds on the excitement!

Just bought a World Cup guidebook from Popular Bookstore.. gosh, there were so many different publications to choose from!

Hopefully I could find time to watch some of my favourite teams play even during this busy month.. I'm sure I'll be blogging more on World Cup later... :p

In the mean time, there are just so many things I ought to be doing.. like submitting my income tax online. I gave up after trying so many times..need to take some time early next week to go to the department itself.. shucks. :(

Ok.. need some rest now...

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