Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Crime Alert!!

I became the victim of another crime just four months after that `bag snatch' incident! But thank God it's not as bad as it could have been!!

I was driving home after meeting up with a friend for drink and dessert in Cheras - taking that more `logical' toll-free way via Alam Damai home. It was just past 10pm. I stopped at the traffic light junction and noticed there was a motorcycle which headlamp was not on riding at the left side of me and stopped just behind. If I was not mistaken, it was a guy rider with a girl passenger. I didn't really pay much attention to it. There were at least 5-6 cars in front of me at the traffic light.

Then just a couple of second after I stopped, that motorcycle rode up to my left and then the rider, a young Malay guy, started hitting my passenger seat window with some hard object (which i couldn't tell what it was) When the first impact came, I thought he was some kind of a road bully! Then he hit a few times more, very hard, and the window began to `crack' - disintegrating but the glass did not break. It happened so fast and I suddenly realise he was trying to get my handbag on the passenger seat. I quickly grabbed it and then honked loudly. By that time, he had hit the window at least 7-8 times and since it didn't break, he gave up and then sped off!! I couldn't do anything as I was stuck at the traffic - which by then the light had turned green and I could move.. but the motorcyclist had already disappeared!!

The motorist in front of me must have witnessed what happened and slowed down and wound down her window to talk to me.. we got honked by the cars behind. It was a Malay woman and she asked whether I saw the number plate. I didn't and unfortunately she said she didn't as well but she advised me still to make a police report. I drove on with that shattering window and called home and related briefly to my dad what happened and asked him to accompany me to the police station. Noticing that window had a gap at the top, I tried to close it but the moment I pressed the remote, the whole glass fell off inwards!! Argh!! I became extra cautious and thankfully I didn't have to stop at any more traffic light.

Besides mild shocked after what happened, my reaction was that of anger more than feeling scared! I mean, what is our society coming to? Can't people work for a proper living rather than doing immoral, illegal stuff? Have they any conscience?

Thankfully the drive home was another five minutes or so and then dad took over the wheels - I sat at the back and we drove to the police station which happened to be just 200 meters away from the `crime scene'! We spent the next 40 mins or more reporting and waiting to take statement on the phone with the sargent. I took photos with my camera that was in my bag. Here is how it looked like:

Since I couldn't see the motorcycle's model nor the plate number, I know its almost impossible to arrest the culprit. But both my dad and I wanted to report to alert the police of such crime committed just at their backyard!

To think of it, it was really fortunate that my shattered-proof glass has protected me and my bag. I would have been so upset if my bag was taken for this time, I have some RM300 cash (besides the important documents) in my wallet, my beloved camera and the iPod touch my niece gave me! And nothing untoward happened to me. I really thank God for the protection..

But the troublesome thing is I had to get the window fixed - unsure if Nissan has ready stock or not, and then claim insurance etc.. It kinda put a damper to my mood - as tomorrow, or rather today, I would be going for a short holiday to the seaside with my parents.. for some relaxing and recharging.

Oh well, now that the incident had occured, I guess it's also timely that I can get away and just put this behind my mind for a while..


maycheah said...

I have stopped leaving my bag on the passenger seat. Unfortunately, this kind of incident is all too common in KL.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you... good protection from your security tinted window shield.
I know someone who can install it.
Call me.


bunnyexpress said...

Good thinking about honking. Praise God for his protection.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Damn! I am sorry it happened to you, but glad that loser didn't get your handbag! Sure is a huge expense to have windows and windshields replaced! I had an idea for a snatch theft deterrent but nobody wanted to implement it. Remote controlled explosive inside decoy handbag. Once the @$$hole makes off with your handbag, DETONATE! BOOM! Problem solved. No need to arrest, charge in court, feed in lockup using taxpayers' money or go through trial. No recidivism rate either.