Friday, April 02, 2010

It was no April Fool's prank!! :((

April Fool's evening dealt a real `prank' on me. My handbag was snatched from the chair right next to me when I was having dinner!

We were eating at a open-air restaurant just down the road from my house. Earlier was thinking of going to another one but since we were quite hungry and I knew the food was pretty good, so we thought of just eating near by.

We sat outside, thinking that it was quieter and breezier.. were enjoying the meal, chit-chatting and we were almost finished eating...

Then, it happened so fast...! I heard my friend yelled and next thing I knew, a scrawny Indian guy was running away with my bag! My friend up and chased him but just 50 m away, that thief jumped on a motorbike and his friend rode off in high speed. That was it!!

I didn't scream.. think I was dazed.

What happened was the suspecting guy was walking near our table.. And walked behind me, which I didn't even know! He and his partner-in-crime must be eye-ing my bag already. They are pretty pro. The motorcycle light was off so we couldn't see the no. plate as well!

So, I lost my whole handbag - it wasn't expensive but one of my favourite.. :( Of course my wallet was inside.. containing my I.C., driving licence, ATM card, a number of credit cards and many many shopping rewards cards.. some vouchers.. and my dog's puppy photo! :(

BUT guess what? I had absolutely no money inside except some coins. Not even ONE ringgit! I used up the last few ringgit buying some light bulbs which were also in my bag..

That thief must be dumbfounded and frustrated! All his `effort' and not even one ringgit! Serve him right!!

For a second after that I panicked. Not for my lost wallet or anything in my bag.. but I thought my mobile phone was gone! And I have all my contacts in there! But thank God. I took it out earlier and have placed it on the dinner table..

However I lost my iPod Touch! A present mom gave me which is less than a year old.. That I feel very sad about.. I wouldn't have brought it out but since it was already in the bag I didn't bother to take it out.. Then there are other (less valuable) things like my lipstick case, card-holder (a present from sis which I really like too)..

Of course I curse the thieves!! But I also know that I have been too careless. I always have the habit of putting my handbag on the chair next to me. Like last night, I thought there were hardly anyone around or near and I was totally unsuspecting..

Sigh I've learned my lesson now. :(

So after that, I had to do the necessary. Went home to call the bank one by one.. FOUR in all (yes, i have quite a lot of cards..) And then we went to the nearest police station to lodge a report.. And I have to re-apply for my identity card and driving licence on Monday or Tuesday..

Guess I could look at it on the positive side.. At least I wasn't hurt at all.. Cases of snatch theft was just too prevalent.. I know of friends and acquaintances who fell victims to these cowardice criminals.

Right now, I'm still feeling heartache losing my iPod Touch (which, well, you can say is replaceable with money) but..... :((

So yes, I have learned my lesson -I'll from now on to be extremely careful with my belongings..

Arghh!! how I wished it's really just an April Fool's prank!!


cupids_loft said...

your life and safety is important. the rest as you said, can be replaced.

christinejalleh said...

Yes, lucky that you weren't harmed and you still have your cellphone. Take care!

Anonymous said...

just a case of not leaving the handbag on the chair in this unavoidable increasingly violent times.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Damn! Major Bummer! So sorry to hear that!