Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So that's what they call serendipity...

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On a-Jupiter and Mars
In other words, hold my hand
In other words, baby, kiss me

Fill my heart with song
And let me sing for ever more
You are all I long for
All I worship and adore
In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you

(Fly Me To The Moon - the 1st song we shared online)

Ok, here it goes.. this is indeed the most personal post i've written.

It's a weird, wonderful feeling that words could not begin to describe.. I mean, am not the type that share my intimate feelings on my blog but to not share it, is like betraying myself.. and my blog! :p

From the first encounter on Facebook (ya, the place i hangout most :p) a month back, it has been surreal how things have developed. No, i had not been looking for someone on the Net, nor even really searching for that someone elsewhere.. But the Almighty works in a mysterious and funny way.. and before we knew it.. it just happened.

He added me as `friend'. Ok, I've been receiving many friends requests and I tried to add only people I know or at least with some close common ties. I checked out his profile.. we had quite a bit in common and he seemed quite interesting. Didn't know why I dropped him a private message and asked: `do i know you..?' And that was the start of our continuous conversation on line.. from Facebook to G-talk.

Since then, we have spent hours (which adds up to days and maybe more..) chatting online. It was really really nice talking and also found we have so much in common.. we talked about everything under the sun, from family to food, politics to religion, and other frivolous stuff like sharing songs on youtube. And although we hadn't met physically, a bond has gradually formed and yes.. whether we wanted to admit it or now, the feelings for each other has developed...

But of course, neither of us believe it's possible to have this `relationship' just by chatting online, behind our screens.. the friendship has grown and I think in a way `absence makes the heart grows fonder.. So ya, after my Bali trip (during which there were quite a bit of sms exchanges) we met up for the first time and we enjoyed the company just like we had been online. And we continued chatting online.. and then in the days to come, the realisation of our feelings for each other sank in.

Lately, I had been dropping `hints' or just a fragment of my happiness on my Facebook status for the last two weeks or so. And yes, they arouse some curiosity.. No, i did not mean to flaunt it, but when the surreal has become reality.. it's not for me to hide it as well. Hey, might as well just come out of the open!

So on the one month `anniversary' that we met, we took the plunge and changed the relationship status. After all, we `owed it' to Facebook else we won't even have met!? ;) I was quite amused though by the influx of `congratulatory' comments.. but guess friends and relatives are just happy for me.

While it may seems fast.. but I guess it happens when matters of the hearts are concerned. We are no lovestruck teenagers.. and are going into it with our eyes opened. And to me, what is wonderful is that it's not the physical attraction that started it all.. We have talked and shared so much and that we can be very good friends anyways.. And I guess the most beautiful thing about our relationship is that neither of us saw it coming. Some may call it `fate' but I know it's our God brought us together.. And to him, knowing me is his` serendipity' (a word he needed to explain to me) .. he even wrote about it in his blog.

It is not merely about the warm and fuzzy feeling of falling in love, though that feels wonderful. But I just feel so blessed when I know there's someone whom you can click with so well, share so much with, who cares for you very much, who wants the best of your interests in heart.. and most importantly, likes you and loves you as who you are. Of course we all have our own flaws and weaknesses but I like to think we will encourage each other and bring out the best of each other.

Oh, and he makes me laugh so much.. he's quite a paradox (in a good way), and many things about him amazes me (don't blush now dear if u're reading this! :p) So, ya, I can't deny that I have been feeling on cloud nine for the last one-two weeks. Still am..

But of course, we also know life is not a bed of roses, and one has to put in efforts in a relationship. I mean we have only just begun our walk and surely there would be setbacks and challenges along the way. But at the same time, I know that our all-loving God who has given us more than we expect and deserve, would be leading us every step of the journey ahead. And we both also want to put Him first in our lives.

Thank you God for your immense blessings :) May our journey together and with You be a beautiful one that glorifies Your name.


~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Congratulations, my friend! You deserve every happiness!
FB is awesome. FB and Skype makes a long-distance relationship so much more bearable.

jesscet said...

thanks ee lynn :) keep up the good work esp with SPCA!

Alex said...

Feel very privileged to have been the fly on the wall :)

All the best in love, life, everything!

HL said...

hehe, it's just so 'you' to share this on your blog :) so sweet ^_^

jesscet said...

hehe.. thanks for sharing my happiness! ;)

christinejalleh said...

Congratulations! Everyone deserves to be loved and I'm glad you've found yours :)