Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jojo can't do `up' anymore!! :((

I feel sad...:( My Jojo is an old dog now..!?

I know Jojo is not getting any younger.. he'll be seven-years-old in June. However, I couldn't believe his legs and joints are getting so weak that as of these two days, he could no longer leap up!

For the longest time, every evening when I come home, he would greet me and leap on me on his hind legs. Usually I would gesturel him to the pillar cos instead of scratching my clothes, he could just leap and scratch on the pillar of the porch. Then I would pat and play with him a bit. This has been like his routine..

But last night and tonight, he just greeted me without jumping.. and when I signaled for him to jump at the pillar, he struggled to attempt it but failed! He could just jump very low and immediately back on all fours.. he couldn't do the `up' command anymore!!

:(( I was devastated. I had been giving him expensive joint supplements but on a low dosage - mainly because it's very expensive and also the vet said I could start slow as a `maintenance' supplement since he isn't that senior in age yet..

But now.. I think I need to increase the dosage.. as he obviously showed obvious signs that he is getting weak in his joints.

Oh Jojo.. I can't believe age has taken a toll on you.. I think I really need to bring him for walk even more regularly and take care of him better. I feel so bad.. I think his lifestyle is probably too sedentary and he's getting heavy too...

I really pray his condition will not worsen and can be improved with the help of supplements..

The photos show Jojo, lying outside my study just now. Ya, looking lazy but he still looks so handsome, doesn't he?

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