Friday, February 26, 2010

12-days away!

No, I'm not going away for vacation for 12 days.. that would be nice. It just happens that my schedule has happened in such a way that three events have fallen back-to-back!

In early Nov last year, I have already booked my `coming-of-age' first solo-trip to Bali -the beautiful island i've already visited twice and still longed to go again.. I thought early March would be a good date and after trying to get the cheapest available flights, I would be flying off on March 6 morning and back on March 10 night - 4-nites and 5 full days.. And as of early this year, I have been busy surfing and hunting the Internet for suitable accommodations (ie. nicest within my budget) and was quite pleased with the choices..

I've digressed.. so why 12 days? It so happened that end of last year, I was contacted by the organiser of the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) to be their show newsletter writer. Actually I was supposed to be part of the team last year but couldn't do it due to my involvement with another project. This time, the working date happened to be March 1-5, ending just the day before my schedule Bali trip! As i really do need extra and fast income, this job is ideal BUT although it' based in KL, we are to be put up in a hotel near by the exhibitions for the whole five days.. I heard we will be staying at the Grand Seasons - which is not bad. :)

And then just a few weeks before CNY, i was offered a short-trip assignment by a new magazine I'm contributing to - to Westin Langkawi Resort to review the food and spa. And the date happens to be Feb 27-28 - just one day before my job with MIFF. First i wasn't sure whether I should take it but after meeting with the marketing people and understanding the `light' nature of the assignment - I need to write two short pieces. And I get to enjoy free accommodation, food and spa in a five-star resort. No reasons for turning it down!

So I'll be flying off tomorrow tomorrow morning and would get to stay one night, and then another night back home in between the MIFF stint and my Bali holiday! Well.. at least it will be work first, and holiday later.. and I'm really looking forward to my 4-days escapade in Bali.

In the mean time tho, I am a bit worried about next Mon to Fri - as I have not done a 9am-5pm (well actually it would end later) for eons!! I would have to get up at 7-something each morning -which is really quite a daunting thing for this owl. My normal sleeping time is from 4am-noon...

Oh well... it's good to be out of the comfort zone sometimes.. and after all, I have Bali to look forward to!

So I will be packing in and out of suitcases. Just for the sake of frivolity, here are two photos of the suitcases I plan to bring for the 3 `trips' - and it will be in the order of the smallest to the largest.

And here's Jelly trying to get into the photo! :p

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