Saturday, February 13, 2010


Time flies.. the Year of the Tiger has dawned on us!!

As I'm typing this, still with a full stomach after a heavy reunion dinner feast, fire-crackers have been resounding loudly and unceasingly from around the neighbourhood! The Chinese customs and traditions are well alive at least in this part of the Kuala Lumpur suburb..

Maybe I'm getting old and jaded, I don't feel at all excited even no matter how beautiful the fireworks are.. In fact, I hope they will stop soon as I need to sleep real soon to get up early to church - will be leading songs tomorrow, on the 1st day of CNY!

The few days that followed will see quite a lot more feasting.. gosh I must have some restraint and not let myself put on weight after all the hard work! It'll also be a time of fellowship with relatives and friends, but I can't really be taking a proper break as some deadlines are looming!

Well.. here's wishing one and all a happy and blessed lunar new year! May the Year of the Tiger be a roaring good one! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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