Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Italiano lesson

Have been so into other stuff on the Net that I've almost forgotten about my blog!!

Anyway, there ain't much interesting things to blog about..except to say I just had my very first Italian lesson today! :)

Ya.. I was toying with the idea of learning Italian ever since I started taking vocal class, as many of the songs I learn are Italian arias. Then as my teacher confirmed that I would be taking my vocal exam in the middle of this year, I thought it's timely that I should really learn Italian!

Of course the main reason is that it would help me in pronouncing the lyrics, and I also want to know the basics of reading and understanding the language - of course at a very errr.. basic level! But on top of that, Italian is probably the second European language I like - the first, being French, which I did take up beginners French more than 10 years and passed my beginners exam but then almost gave it all back to the teacher! Ok, that's another story altogether..

I found my Italian teacher from the Internet! Ya, there was this language school site and she's looked like the more reputable and reliable one. So I shot her an email in early December and she replied. And then we communicated on email and finally met up last Thursday. She turned out to be a young, pretty and sweet lady. yes, she's Italian married to a Brit who works here..

I went to her condo today for our class and met an even more hyper-active dog than Jelly! Her one-year-old Dachshund was so fond of me that he kept jumping on me even though he spent most of the time devouring a huge bone! Poor thing he is kept confined to the small condo unit but Giovanna (my teacher) and her husband are moving soon to a bungalow - mainly for the sake of the dog.

So how was the lesson? Well, it aint too bad but not too easy either. But I think definitely not half as bad as French and I like pronouncing it! ;) Still there is much grammar and propositions that i need to learn and remember.. We covered almost the whole chapter of the book, and there's a little bit of homework too.

I must say I'm enjoying this new language learning as well as my singing very much.. I think i should spend more time pursuing them than idling on the Internet playing Pet Society especially!

Can't believe it's only about 10 days more to Chinese New Year! Haven't really felt the festive mood or rather the whole celebration is rather subdued this time.. Oh well..

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