Monday, January 05, 2009

Donnie The Man!

Pardon the pun. Thing is, I haven't watched a Chinese movie I like for quite some time - but now I can say Ip Man and Donnie Yen rocks!

So it's a martial arts biopic based on the life of Yip Man, Bruce Lee's first `sifu. It's hard to believe that the real Yip Man was really THAT cool. I mean, Donnie's portrayal of the kung-fu master is unbeatable, and completely invincible!

Well, fiction or not, I would say Ip Man is a good movie - one that balances the gripping drama and the awesome action. Oh boy, the way Donnie Yen executed his `Wing Chun' martial art was simply superb and thrilling to watch! Yes, there was quite some violent and brutal parts (the movie is rated 18SG) but I would watch again just for the martial art alone!

The other characters in the movie was also pretty well casted. Trust them to find actors with real martial art background, which no doubt made the whole fighting that much exciting to watch.

I read an online review which was pretty well written but a little critical. It was interesting to read what writer said about Donnie Yen's real character is quite the opposite of the humble Yip Man he portrays. I don't know what Donnie Yen is like in real life but indeed, the martial art master's character is one that is pretty intriguing.

Well, I would definitely recommend this movie - and yes, you need to watch it on big screen for that real `ooomp!!'

Ah, and now I have become a Donnie Yen fan! He rocks!!

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