Monday, August 25, 2008

Word Up's 8th Birthday Party on 18-8-08

It has been one week since the event but it's something I have wanted to post.. but I forgot my camera so I had to rely on the unofficial photographer of the night..

I've only been to Word Up! gathering once many years ago. And I became its yahoo_group online member only later when I went freelance, as I was told that I may get work opportunities from the postings there!

Although I am not a very `active' member, but the group has been useful for me to ask for interviewees for articles I was writing.. and I have even made a few friends and acquaintances from it..

So when I heard from Word Up founder See Ming that she is having a birthday gathering for Word Up - it has been 8 years! I thought it's time to make an appearance again.. but also, I wanted to meet up with See Ming who I have not seen for quite some time, and who has been ever so helpful in recommending her friends for me to interview for many articles!

Why, she is the only person I know of that has the widest network of friends - it seems everyone in the media, PR and arts field knows this amazing lady! And she's great at keeping in touch too..

The venue was Santini at Jaya One - a cosy Italian restaurant with dim lighting. I was one of the earlier to arrive. I was sharing car with dad actually..and couldn't stay long.

The food was pretty good - had various types of pizzas courtesy of See Ming and ordered a vegetable starter which name I forgot :p

Makan aside, it was interesting and fun meeting new faces and some familiar ones... one thing I have observed, most of those who came were the sociable and ready to mingle type - could it be due to the nature of our media-related job?

I had some good conversations but unfortunately, had to leave around 9pm as dad was waiting.. See Ming was nice to get the cake out early so that I could have a piece! I saw from photos later that some people came late, including some of my friends from the media..too bad i missed them.

Although I had to leave early.. I was glad to have been there. And I did have a good time.. and I left having to `accumulate' more friends to add on my Facebook!! :D

With the `host' See Ming

Was pleasantly surprised to see Claire aka Minishorts there - I always thought she is a very interesting blogger!

Janet the singer and Han the editor/writer

Dinner time around the long table at about 8:40pm

See Ming blowing the candle on Word Up! cake - simple cake but delicious!

The youngest `Word Upper' was Max - See Ming and Sim's cute son! :)

p.s. thanks See Ming for organising and making all of us feel at home - and Sim for being the photographer! More pix on their blog here

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