Wednesday, August 27, 2008

funny how...

Funny how sometimes something that at first pisses you off can turn into something `enjoyable' and positive.. in the way I see it.

After writing the post last week about me going on my first short-term missions trip, I got a `rude surprise' in the form of a comment from someone I know pretty well - (i shall not go into our `relationship' - no NOT that kind of relationship la) I felt it was quite uncalled for the way he seemed to `attack' my faith. Of course i replied to retort and even told a friend online about it so she also wanted to share her piece.. which was quite long

And then all was quiet. The first commenter didn't comment anymore. I thought he just couldn't be bothered - not that he was scared or ran out of words - but maybe also busy and think it's not worth pursuing.

And there weren't anymore comments. I guess most of my Christian (or even non-Christian) readers are all peace-loving people who dislike religious debate.

Then today, I found out he actually commented but Blogger didn't register his comment. So I personally invited him to comment again.. and he did.

This time, I was much less annoyed as he also toned down his words .. and as I began to reply him, I realised, hey, he is actually giving me a good opportunity to share my faith and belief - or in Christian jargon - doing apologetics (ie defending your faith) Ya, I realise I'm pretty long winded though I hope to make it readable for him as well as others.

So, I must say thank you to Douglas Yau - an aetheist/Buddhist whose starting point I was told was to `help and save' us Christians from our belief, for giving me the chance to say so much about my faith!

Read this post and comments if you haven't already, and feel free to add on your thoughts - I welcome all sorts of views as long as you're reasonable and do not use profinities!

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