Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ta Da! But You're at the Right Place!

Hope this new look to my blog will inject some inspirations for me to blog now!

But it's really late now so I will just do a short one to announce the `birth' of another phase of Jess' two Js!

For the first time, this I.T. idiot of me tried out other templates on the world wide web, instead of limiting to the default Blogger templates on I have always wondered why other ppl have unique layout on Bloggers.. yeah, i know i'm slow..

Anyways, since this blog is indeed inspired by my two Js.. what more fitting to get a layout with dog in it! I thought this is quite cute.. not sure whether it is easy to read :p

But in changing to this new look, I had lost all my `widgets' or whatever on the sidebar. Sigh.. all my blog links are gone - so are some items and my pathetic blog advertisements which are just useless anyway..

Oh, I welcome feedback (if any) of this new look..


HL said...

oh, it's clean and neat. much easier to read than the previous one :) I prefer this font too.

doesn't peter ng use that dog picture a lot in his sermon powerpoint slides?

(sleepless in HK)

jesscet said...

HL: hey, thanks for the comment and still actually coming to my blog! Oh.. is that why this chihuahua with specs looks vaguely familiar?

aiyo, why sleepless?

p.s. oh, thanks to Lainey's comment on FB too!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

I like the new look! Very cool.

jesscet said...

thanks! it took me quite long to find one that appeals to me.. hehe :)

viviandance said...

Yup. I like the new look too. Wonder who finally taught you how to edit the templates? :) comment on my blog quiet

jesscet said...

haha, like to claim credit eh? well, i found this particular blog template site myself.. and it's not very hard to figure it out but thanks for your enthusiasm and help! :)

aiya.. no time to read others blog properly also.. will comment soon k?