Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Just rambling and feeling a bit unwell..

After the high of December.. January 2011 had got on with a slow start.

Not that I've planned it this way.. but I guess I needed some rest. And while having NY day and Sunday resting (and working sporadically) was good, what I did not need had happened..

I have been feeling sick-ish for two days now. :(

I can't exactly pinpoint what's wrong or what caused my flu-ish feeling, itchy throat and now slight cough.. but i think it started after I drank more than half a bottle of red-wine with quite a heavy meal (neighbours came over) on Sunday evening.

I slept for two hours yesterday afternoon and today felt like sleeping too but had work to do.. Even cancelled my Italian class. Drove down to the pharmacy to tell the pharmacist for something to treat my `unwellness' and all she said was take more Vitamin C! But when I insisted, she gave me something else that would boost up my immune.. so I bought it.

Don't know why but I am one of those who need to take medicines or other forms of remedies, but I guess this time I have reason to do so as I can't afford to fall ill.. tomorrow have things to do and must do!

What a lousy post but I think better than nothing as I now try to go back to blogging and not let Facebook alone dictate my online life.. Speaking of Facebook, spent so much time asking friends to vote for Jelly in a pet shop contest. I know we won't win but still the competitive spirit of me want her to go further (as in getting more votes!)


Alexandra said...

Miss your chirpy posts my dear. Blog more please.

jesscet said...

ya.. i also miss my chirpy posts. now still a bit unwell.. hopefully soon!! i won't let my blog die.. :p