Sunday, January 02, 2011

December summary and (just some) new year thoughts..

Looks like my blog is heading towards a natural demise.. but i'm reluctant to let it really die..

SO MUCH had happened in December but I didn't get to blog about it.. and now we're in the 2nd day of a brand new year, or should I add, decade - 2011!

Well.. perhaps I could just summarise - more for the sake of reminding myself of the more significant things and events that took place.. all in the month of December!
  • Singing and performing 3 concerts with Cantus Musicus - Christmas Tree lighting @ Equatorial KL, Nine Lessons and Carols @ St Andrews Church, Weihnachtskonzert (German Speaking Society of Kuala Lumpur) @ Bukit Nanas Chapel. Each of these concerts were followed by sumptuous (free) meals!!!
  • Three new gadgets that keep me pretty occupied - Lumix Panasonic Semipro camera, iPad and iPod Touch! Ok the first was bought end of Nov. by myself , the icing of the cake must be the iPad - a birthday present from dad and mom that arrived 10 days before my actual birthday, and finally days before Christmas, got the new generation iPod Touch by a generous friend - a real nice surprise!
  • My birthday new haircut - made up my mind to chop off the hair to a short bob, and did it on the day itself! Feel fresh and had quite a lot of positive feedback. Well, a change after 4 years or so of long hair!
  • Birthday dinner with parents @ Hakka Republic and visited SkyBar - first time for all of us.
  • Watched `Follow the Light' with friends - and after, the cast to sang happy birthday song - very nice harmony - to me! Also watched `Celebrations' by PAN production and caught up with some friends.
  • Work wise - two interesting interviews - 1. with four talented performing artistes (my recorder failed me but thanksfully could be salvaged!), and 2. with YB Teresa Kok in Shah Alam.
  • A busy Christmas week and weekend which involved 3 rehearsals (didn't make one cos zonked out!), leading songs for 3 services - Christmas and Sunday service on Boxing Day.
  • Three dinner parties over Christmas and Boxing day - the annual Christmas party with the Boeys, my CG Christmas Party and the worship ministry Thanksgiving dinner - had to split myself for the latter two. All were really fun!
  • On new year's eve, had a wonderful excursion to Bentong Farm Sanctuary - an animal haven that had so many dogs able to roam and run freely in the vast nature land.. also visited Bentong town and had nice lunch and ice-cream. (this event deserves a blog post to itself)
Of course, the above were just some highlights that came to mind.. there were many other interesting things that happened and December was definitely an eventful and exciting month..

And I'm really looking forward to the first few months of 2011 with some exciting plans installed.. details later (so I have the reasons to carry on blogging..)

Well, for a bigger picture, I have always at this time of the year, do a reflection of sort and then set out my new year resolutions.. but strangely, for some reasons unknown, I have not even given it any thoughts so I guess I won't be blogging on them as well..

Or maybe I'm just slow.. as it still hasn't sunk in that we're in 2011 already!

Having said that.. I still believe it's good to have some kind of `wish' or `direction' or whatever you choose to call it for a fresh new year, so that you start the year with a right set of mind to want to improve yourself.

So, besides the list of unwritten down resolutions which I already know I should do. ie. exercise regularly, sleep earlier, do regular quiet time (yes all these I endeavour to do) more importantly, I want to just remember this `principle' every minute, every day in 2011:

To glorify God by doing the best in whatever I am to do, and to be the `salt and light' that He calls us to be - ie. making a difference in the lives of people.

And I will say `Amen' to it. :)

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