Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Memorable Birthday of `Adventures'

So finally.. I've entered into the milestone I've always dreaded in the last few years... :S

But guess what, just like how I entered the last year of my 30s last December.. turning 40 wasn't a big deal anymore!

I mean, it's kinda `big deal' in the sense I did plan something to treat myself.. and ended up having a birthday celebration that I've never experienced before!!

But first was a surprise birthday treat by some of my good friends from church, which involved a big cover-up story and then I was blindfolded in the car all the way to the restaurant! Imagine on a busy Sunday evening, I was made to walk from the carpark into a shopping complex and then all the way into the restaurant and to our table blindfolded - and of course holding on to my two friends. And on top of that, since I thought we were going to play games in my friend's house, I was in my casual wear with slippers!! And then, they even fed me with some `samples' of food and made me guess what I tasted.. before all was revealed when I was allowed to see again..

It's near Christmas and some of my group of friends who turned up for my last birthday do could not make it.. so it was just five gal-friends and me but it's really nice cos it's cosy and I know they actually took the pain and trouble to plan for it.. so that I didn't even suspect. Well, I did suspect in a way since it was just three days away from my actual birthday, but my guess was they may just bring out a cake when we play games.. the mastermind and the main partner-in-crime were just so clever and `crafty' at this `game' that I actually fell for it..!

So yes, for the first time in my life, I had a surprise and blindfolded birthday treat!! And on top of that, I was treated to a sumptuous Japanese meal, birthday cake and pressies.. but most important was their company.. So thank you gals, you know who you are.. don't want to name names to embarrass you although I just had to post a few photos here for memory sake! ;)

After that part was over... came the part which I have looked forward since months ago when I decided to treat myself to spend my birthday in a five-star hotel!

I'm not so rich after all.. it's because of the Starwood Privilege membership that I've joined a few months earlier (where I also got to treat dad to a discounted birthday dinner at Prime) that had a coupon that offered me a free night stay in one of its five-star hotels in KL. Out of the three hotels - Le Meridien, Sheraton Imperial and Westin, I chose Westin due to the great location. I just thought of having an escapade in the city and pamper myself by sleeping in a five-star hotel room that is famous for its `heavenly bed'! For dinner, my parents would join me to dine in Prego - which also entitled to 33 per cent off for three diners.

The icing to the cake however, would be a two-hour luxurious spa treatment at the famous and very pricey Spa Village. Since I couldn't afford to experience the famed Spa Village at Pangkor Laut, the KL one is good enough. And surely after checking it out two weeks ago when I had an assignment in Ritz Carlton, I fell in love with it.. just look at the photos on its website here. hmm.. heavenly!!
I was almost all packed by the time I went to bed on Tues night (or rather Wed morning) and was really happy and touched to receive a meaningful Hallmark birthday card from dad and mom, with an `angpow' enclosed! ;)

After doing some renovation shopping with dad for the condo and a yummy `ipoh hor fun' lunch in PJ, I checked into Westin KL around 3:30pm (postponed my spa treatment to 4pm). While the room wasn't super luxurious for 5-star standard, it was nice and roomy and comfy.. and the bathroom was quite impressive - can't get the shower and the WC areas inside the photo!

And the bed.. ahhh.. it's definitely one of the most `heavenly' beds I've lied on.. it was soft yet firm and the pillows were so comfortable too.. words can't really describe. Couldn't help but lied on it and took a photo myself (not very flattering angle but who cares :p)

After refreshing and unpacking a bit, I headed for the spa. Conveniently, Ritz Carlton is just at the back of Westin. The YTL flagship hotel is another class altogether.. but no, I don't have free room for this one..

I chose the 60/60 package - an hour of body scrub treatment and an hour of Balinese massage.. Each treatment room is like a luxurious hotel room and best of all, open up to a private garden that has a open roof shower and a bath.. all built for privacy of course. And each room has attached bathroom and some with steam room.

My therapist was a local lady, and one of the better masseurs I have come across.. the service of course was superb. I felt so relaxed during the massage that actually managed to not think of the many things in my mind.. and almost drifted into sleep.. I shan't go into the details of the treatments.. :p Suffice to say, I have been to a few spas locally and more overseas but this must be the most luxurious ever, and probably the best experience.. How I wish my spa treatments could last longer!

I know I was on `holiday' so to speak but I still needed to be connected! And so went online a while and saw a flood of birthday greetings on FB! :D Dad and mom arrived soon and we dined at Prego. The food was not great but not bad either and the ambience was nice.. cosy, warm and relaxed.. Got a free bottle of red wine with my coupon, and a cake as well from the hotel.
We shared our food as usual and my main courses - shared with dad - were spaghetti Arabiata and a pizza which I forgot its name, recommended by the captain.

Uncle's family came to join us after dinner and we went up to my room to chit-chat, had the cake and some drinks.. before they left around 11pm. They bought me a bottle of wine.. and we opened it!

While continuing my Internet-ing - but I had to go to the lobby lounge as Internet access costs a bomb in room! And then I found out that there was free drinks for ladies at Q-bar, and just couldn't help it to help myself to a Sangria. On top of the many glasses of wine, and a frozen magaritta I ordered at the lobby lounge! I over-estimated myself.. my head got pretty heavy by the end of the night and finally after a hot bath, I tugged myself into my heavenly bed..

It would have been a PERFECT escapade if not of the terrible incident early in the morning!! At 7:30am - while I was still in dreamland, I was rudely awaken by a loud drums playing! It sounded like a band of drums and indeed it was! They were practising in front of Pavillion which was where my room was facing. I couldn't ignore it so I called the hotel reception to complain. I was assured that they would ask the drums to stop. But no, the drumming continued, sometimes intermittently but it got worse and I had to call again, this time the manager on duty actually went over to try to solve the problem.. However, he didn't succeed.. and finally.. he apologetically offered me to change room that's on the other side. That was the only solution so I took it, groggy already being awaken for about an hour. So, in my bathrobe and slipper and only with my glasses and handphone, I followed him to another part of the hotel which was the apartment residence.. and he gave me a studio - which also had a king-size heavenly bed.

Due to the disturbances, and with a headache from hangover, I had difficulty falling asleep immediately again.. and finally when I did it was probably 10am.. and then I had to miss the movie preview I planned to go at Pavillion GSC! Sigh..

(I went back later to the studio residence and snapped some photos for blogging sake!)

Finally I woke up around noon, still groggy but at least had some sleep.. joined my media friends for lunch at Pavillion food court before going to Ritz Carlton for my work assignment. Actually I am thankful that the assignment location was just perfect for me.

Since it's entertainment assignment, it was also more fun.. and this time to interview Tony Leung Ka Fai and Fan Bing Bing who came to promote the new movie `Bodyguards and Assassins', which according to those who watched, was a great movie! (and i will get to watch only later.. at least the distributor promised me free tix)

I have requested for late check-out. I planned to leave around 5pm when my work finished, but by then, I was really too tired from alcohol effect and lack of sleep so I got my room extended again.. and the kind manager, who already wrote me an apology card and gave me a small box of chocolate, agreed.

So I rested for an hour or so as I was totally exhausted but had some coffee so I couldn't really sleep. Then I went to the poolside for a while and then had nice long shower before I packed up and left the hotel.. concluding my 30-hours escapade at Westin KL...

Whatever way you look at it, my milestone was certainly some kind of adventures and experiences that's worth me blogging all in a breath till 1am!

Time to hit the sack now, on my own familiar `heavenly' bed.. ;)


HL said...

what an escapade! :D glad you had a great time. and you look great!!

jesscet said...

Tks HL! ya it's a memorable escapade! :p

Lydia Teh said...

Hi Ee-Tan, what a wonderful celebration. I should do something like that for myself too :)