Thursday, December 10, 2009

The long day closes...

This was the last song we sang.

It felt kinda surreal and sad that it has come to an end.. when I know many of us still have so much passion and devotion to continue to sing in this choir.

I have joined Cantus Musicus for exactly two years now.. although it's only short two years, I have really enjoyed singing every Wednesday evening with a group of fellow singers and music lovers of diverse background; and also performing in the ambassadors' home and functions, and of course the parties and feasts that were part of them all.. And over time, I have also made many friends from the choir, some of whom I've grown quite close to..

What made Cantus Musicus different from other local choirs is the types of music we sing. From school days to university and church choirs, I have never been acquainted with such rare, beautiful and challenging repertoires - we sing much of the music in a capella, always in SATB parts, and I have never sung in so many different languages in my life!! Just at the top of my head, I've sung in German, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Irish... etc.. At first it was quite daunting but soon, I found it very interesting and refreshing and happily welcomed them!

We may not be the most `hardworking' choir.. for I know certain choirs have many rehearsals prior to performances.. we are after all an amateur choir but we always rose to the occasion and have done our best in each of the performances - and they have always been well received by the host and the audience.. and I, daring to speak on behalf of my fellow choir mates, there's this indescribable feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment having been able to belt out melodies from our hearts for our audience and ourselves.

(recap: these posts were just some of the concerts last year that I blogged about.. )

Besides feeling sentimental about the ending.. for I know I will miss singing with the choir every Wednesday.. some of us also feel it's a pity and a `waste'.. for I know there are many gifted singers and musicians among us who are passionate and committed in singing in this choir - many can be rightful soloists. Yes, of course we could join other choirs, but it won't be the same. There is only one Cantus Musicus which is totally unique.. not in a boastful way but we all know that.

I know we all shared the feeling of melancholy last night despite putting on a brave and cheerful front. Although we already were expecting it as there had been hints and warnings, I guess we were just hoping that this would be a temporary break.. that this current choir - which has grown to be very big - will need some form of `revamp' or `reformation'.

But from what we were told, it really seemed like a proper closure. `Cantus Musicus' is official no more.

As a fellow choir mate said: `Que sara sara, whatever will be, will be..' I guess that's part of life.. we know our choir director, who has invested so much of her time, energy and blood, sweat and tears into this choir, needs a break. And she has her reasons and we all respect that. But somehow I and many of us in the choir still harbouring the hope that this is not a permanent end.. perhaps some time later, a choir will be reformed in the same spirit of that of Cantus Musicus, and all the true Cantus Musicusians will gather together again to do what we love to do - crooning unique and beautiful music again..

We sang the rather depressing `The Long Day Closes' while we were having our last `Room 5 party' (yes, it was a wonderful feast again and I shall miss that too! :( )

No star is o'er the lake,
Its pale watch keeping,
The moon is half awake,
Through gray mists creeping,
The last red leaves fall round
The porch of roses,
The clock hath ceased to sound,
The long day closes.

Sit by the silent hearth
In calm endeavour,
To count the sounds of mirth,
Now dumb for ever.
Heed not how hope believes
And fate disposes:
Shadow is round the eaves,
The long day closes.

The lighted windows dim
Are fading slowly.
The fire that was so trim
Now quivers lowly.
Go to the dreamless bed
Where grief reposes;
Thy book of toil is read,
The long day closes.

Guess it's like what they say, all good things will come to an end.. Just that I feel this `end' has come too soon.

And I will always cherish the experience, the fun time and the memories of my two years with this wonderful choir...

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